Monday, May 16, 2011

Not a Fan of Skinnygirl

I am addicted to bad TV. I know it is awful but I just love it. I never met a Housewife show that I didn't love. Well, maybe Jersey.

I have heard Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Margaritas for a couple of years. We had some friends over months ago and someone brought me one as a gift. I am always in search of a drink that doesn't have a lot of calories but still tastes good. I cracked open the Skinnygirl on Friday and gave it a try. And....not so good. I was really disappointed. It doesn't taste like a margarita and it isn't good. Sorry Bethenny.

Bethenny was on Watch What Happens Live (LOVE THIS SHOW) last Thursday and they brought up the sale of SkinnyGirl. Guess how much she is being paid for it by Beam Global? 110 million! That is the rumor.

I should march right into my kitchen and create a scrumptious drink. If Bethenny was offered $110 mill for a nasty drink in a cute bottle, can you imagine how much I could get for the Twinsburg Tankini, The Cleveland Cutie or the Ohio Hottie? I am on it.


Lara said...

Sounds like a great idea! After you make the big bucks I will let you buy a round of drinks next time we go out!

Flea said...

You should TOTALLY invent a drink. And then be famous so you can command seven figures for it. :)

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