Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Than a Time Waster

I wrote a few days ago that I was addicted to Facebook. I love checking it when I get a minute throughout the day. My office is right beside my bathroom. Being pregnant, I visit the bathroom often and stop by my computer either on my way in or out. Tomorrow is Facebook's 5th birthday. Happy Birthday Facebook!

Last night at a meeting, I tried to talk a friend into joining Facebook (FB). She shook her head and said she wasn't sure she wanted to. If you are on FB, you know that you have met up with old friends from high school and college. People that you have worked with in the past or maybe even a school friend from elementary school might have contacted you. I have found it rewarding to reach out and stay in contact with so many long lost friends. And being as lazy as I am, I love that I can reach all of my friends without looking up their email address.

As I sat in meeting trying to think of words to encourage my friend to try FB, I started to think what I have gained from such a silly time waster.

When my mom passed away and I sat in Alliance all alone in my family's living room, reading the comments on Facebook helped me feel connected to all of my friends.

As a stay at home mom, the days can be long and lonely. Reading silly updates or comments picks up my mood.

I had a co-worker from my last job reconnect with me on FB. She wondered if a part-time position became available at her current company, would I be interested. Interested? I nearly fell over with excitement that someone would want to pay me to do ANYTHING, let alone something I went to grad school for! Yes, I am interested. Someday.

I have made plans for a girls night out that I know I never would have made without FB. We never would have gotten to it. We're going out next week. I can't wait.

Yesterday, I wouldn't have received the nicest "Thinking of you" card if one of my friends hadn't read all of the comments about my mom on FB.

People have found my blog from comments made on FB. I love that!

The other day I wrote as my status update "Wondering what to do with my four-year old." I got an immediate invitation to a friends house. Thanks M! And then I received a invitation to start a play date rotation with another friend. Thanks L!

Facebook does not replace real life conversations and contact. But, it does provide connections to people you may not be able to keep in touch in real life. It makes my life easier and more fun. It is a tool that helps you connect. So if you haven't joined Facebook, give it a shot (hint hint Hubby!). And if you are on FB, go and update your status. You have friends waiting.


MIT Mommy said...

I know, I know! YOU (and a few others too) got me on Facebook. And now, I'm faced with figuring out 25 things because I've been tagged by two people. Does that mean that I have to send it to 50 people?? I sure hope not.

Jessica said...

I agree with you! Facebook is such a neat communication tool! Everyone needs it. They just do!

By the way...did you ever convince your friend to get it?

OHmommy said...

LOL... I love the old photos and see that more and more are popping up. I also de-tagged myself from one yesterday.

Anonymous said...

G, you know I'm an adict!! Poor Lara just shakes her head. Since I'm especially "old", I have made contact with old neighbors, new neighbors, old friends, new friends, siblings of old friends, old job-mates, new job-mates, high school friends, college friends. And you what else I like to do? Post You-Tube songs and articles that I have all in one place for my (and others) reading pleasure! I also voted for OH mommy's blog because of Facebook. What did we ever do without it!!

Laura said...

My mom, grandmother and uncle are now on facebook. What I have learned from facebook: A good friend's mother passed away, a cousin was going in for brain surgery and an old boyfriend has a daughter with the same name as me :) I have really enjoyed reading everyones 25 things. I spent one night just looking at what people wrote.

Krystyn said...

i still haven't done FB....and tons of people have tried to convince me...I just don't know!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by on my blog!

In the Netherlands we have hyves. I was a member but I stopped. Besides the people I liked to get to know again, there are people of which I am glad not to speak anymore, hehe. But if you get an invitation from that kind of person or they read stuff through someone else...It didn't feel right to me. Does this sounds a little bit familiar to you? Or did you only get nice contacts out of it?

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