Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I heard Madonna's song "Borderline" today on the radio. Can you believe the song is 25 years old? I can't. It was released in 1984. Feeling old yet?

Anyway, yesterday my sister asked me if I would write about a friend online in my blog. I told her no. There has to be a line that you don't cross. If you cross it, you lose friends and relatives will stay away. You can't break that trust. I never want someone to be afraid to be real with me because they are afraid it will end up here. There are times when I am so tempted. I am missing out on some very good blogging material. You can't even begin to imagine some stories about relatives I could share. Some of them probably can't read so I should be safe. But, I won't cross that line.

There is also an activity that one of my sons is involved in that would provide at least one blog a week but I can't go there either. Maybe some day but for now, the secret is safe with me. If you read Facebook and you are a friend, you could probably figure out what I am talking about here.

And anything to do with my husband is pretty much off limits. I never want an employer to read something about him that may impact his career. It is a line I don't have trouble not crossing. I just don't go there.

This whole Jon & Kate debate got me thinking that we all have our own lines that we won't cross. Some people use fake names for their children in their blogs. I use my children's names but not my own. I don't share my city but I do mention my area. I use real pictures and stories. My stories about my children aren't too embarrassing but are cute memories that I never want to forget. I share my own feelings and find it easier to write than talk sometimes about how I am feeling. I am usually more embarrassed to find out a friend is reading this than a stranger. I am usually shocked that I get as many readers as I do.

So no, dear sister, I won't be writing about my friend. I won't be writing about your little darlings that I am babysitting for four days next week while you go to Vegas. I won't be writing about how green with envy I am and how I am stuck at home pregnant and with five children. I won't take their pics if you don't want me to and share them online. I won't write about it all. But I will be so tempted. But I won't cross that line.


Flea said...

Oh dang. I want pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Remember pay backs are sweet. You and your hubby can start planning your trip and you wonderful sister will watch not 5 kids but 6!

If I were you I would keep a journal with some of the stuff you want to write. Who knows 5 or 10 years from now it might be fun to read, but no one would feel bad because it is just an old story.

Thanks for watching the kids! Your Vegas Lovin' Sista

ps. How about a girl's trip next spring?

Kel said...

We all have lines that we wont cross - we need those boundaries or who knows what repercussions we face 'accidentally' spilling the beans on something that is not ours to share?!

MIT Mommy said...

High five, Sister!

I was a little worried about being so personal yesterday, myself. But, I think my mom needed to hear how great she is yelled from a cyber mountaintop. Sometimes, it works in that direction too.

It is tough. I often have great stories I DON't share about my husband, my kids, my friend's kids, etc). Blogs are never the complete story about anyone. It couldn't be anyway. Indy is just a little slice of who you are, just like MIT Mommy is only a small fraction of me.

If you think you know everything about your other friends, then you are fooling yourself there too.

Jessica said...

I kind of felt the same way about things once I started realizing exactly who was reading my blog! I never knew that some people even knew what a blog was until I noticed them on my site meter.

So, since then I have toned down what I write about. It's about personal stories that don't involve negative things about others. And, more of it is nonsense writing.

I enjoy reading what you write. :)

OHmommy said...

Nicely said.

I soooo could have blogged about what your son did to my daughter when he was over here last night. Geesh. I mean....

Kidding. Totally kidding. He was perfect as always. :)

Trooper Thorn said...

What if you used their real names and pictures but made up everythign else, like they do on "Dateline"?

McMommy said...

Some moms from my son's school have started reading my blog. So I guess I have to scrap all those posts in my drafts where I talk about them.


(Like I how threw that kidding in there? Yeah, that was in case they were stalking your comments. Also? Why do I have to make them sound like the CIA or something?)

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