Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yo, Dude

I am pretty laid back. One of my friends said I am like a guy. Nothing really gets me upset. I am not sure that is a compliment or not.

I can think of one thing that really gets me upset. It makes me crazy. I hate driving by people's trash and seeing good things left for the trash man. What a waste. There are so many people barely getting by. And people work so hard for their money. Why can't they take the time to find someone to take their nicer items?

I know it takes about five minutes but to help someone out, why not? Five minutes is all it takes.


If you have nice items to give away, put them on your tree lawn with a sign that says "free." My kids love making this sign and we sneak back to our house and watch through the window. You can't imagine how excited kids get to see who scores their old toys. Make sure you do this a few days before trash pick-up and check the weather. It rains a lot in Ohio so you have to be strategic.

Another great option that I LOVE is freecycling. Have you heard about it? Check out this link to Cleveland's freecycle page. People list their needs and offers here on the link. Then, you receive an email with it daily. I have given away a desk, old weird house stuff and baby formula through this site. Once you list it, it is gone in a day. You privately coordinate the day/time of pick up with your winning responder. I just leave it on my porch so I don't have to chit chat (like a guy again) and it is done. LOVE THAT!

So, as you spring clean, don't toss your items into the trash. Remember the Goodwill, the Sal, your neighbors with a free sign or Freecycle. And from one dude to another, thanks.


Jessica said...

You truly bring up a good point! I will (hopefully) be graduating from college in a year and moving out on my own -- I'm always looking for things to fill my apartment someday and truly appreciate these items that I can refurbish and make my own someday.

Not to mention, as you said, some people need that stuff NOW and would be more than willing to use it!

Krystyn said...

Maybe they legitimately think it's trash? I don't know.

I usually save stuff up, and then put it in a box and bring it to Goodwill, or see if a friend can use it. Sad that people think so much stuff is useless.

Flea said...

I simply adore Freecycle. I'll be digging up someone else's bamboo this weekend to take home.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Sister! I just freecycled the bike I trash picked from my neighbor last year. The young mom was very happy to get a free bike. Who throws a bike away?

Kat said...

We used to LOVE leaving stuff by the curb with a FREE sign on it. It is amazing what people want. Old, practically dead plants. Broken chairs. Just about anything. I always thought it was kinda crazy, but "one man's trash..."

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