Saturday, January 21, 2012

Can't Breathe

In my mom's generation, they opened Women's Day and saw the perfect house or recipe that would make it all better.

Tonight, I logged onto the website that I think is supposed to do the same.

Maybe its the wine or maybe I am just tired. I could be new. I don't get Pinterest.

With Jersey Shore humming in the background and my husbands' friends playing poker in the basement, I logged into Pinterest to see what all of the fuss was all about.

People looooooove pinteserst. Not just a little. But soooo much. Facebook is all a buzz.

What am I missing? I see outfits I can never put together. Quotes I won't live up to and a house I cannot decorate.  Recipes I will never make. Activities I will never do with my children and Valentines Days cards I will never make. I honestly lost my breath because I knew I couldn't and wouln't be the type of woman to do any of this.

Maybe that's OK. Maybe the goal is just a dream. But, I am not in the mood for dreaming and hoping that someday I will organize my clothes like the organization pin I saw on saw on a friend's board.

It is just too passive for me. Maybe it's just the wine. I better go get some more. Maybe then I can breathe.


Flea said...

I hear ya. I'm liking Pinterest, though. I like finding things online and pinning them to my virtual board to come back to. I like posting photos of my chickens all on their own little bulletin board. I like seeing what my friends enjoy. And sometimes laughing at them behind their backs. I've actually even tried quite a few things I've seen on Pinterest.

It took me a few months to use it actively, but once I did, it rocked. :)

Cristine said...

I am struggling with it, too. It is like sensory overload.

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