Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is Today?

I am behind. I spent all of yesterday thinking it was the 24th. This is a problem because Ryan is turning 7 today on the 26th!

Everyone keeps asking how we are doing with baby #3. I would say we are doing as well as possible. A newborn is hard. Elle is a good baby. A good newborn is hard. And that's OK. We signed up for it and expected it. We are just behind. A lot.

I don't have time to finish much. I am concentrating on the important stuff like clean socks and underwear for the boys. I read a lot of blogs and things on the computer as I wait for Elle to sleep after a bottle. But, I can't write very well with one hand. So, my blog sits. And sits. And I then get distracted. And by the time she is asleep for the "night" I am too tired to write anything other than something on Facebook.

And school started last week so we are getting used to a new schedule, homework and sports on top of it all. We are running in and out and throwing everything all over the house. I sometimes wish that the boys could drive themselves to karate or soccer. What will become of my mind as I sit and watch them over and over again? Only 9 more years until Ryan can drive himself to soccer. (I know. I know. Big kid, big problems. I am just dreaming here).

So, as I sit, I can hear Elle grunting and making sweet baby noises. She is ready for me to wrap this up. We are off to meet the boys off of the bus. Every older woman I have ever met has to told me to cherish these days. I do. I do. But boy am I tired. Let this blog be a reminder that I did my best to cherish the days and maintain my sanity. I am trying. I'll be back when I catch my breath again.


OHmommy said...

That reminds me. I came online to research dance glasses for C.

You know. For more things to add onto an already hectic schedule.

OHmommy said...

One more thing...

Isn't the baby like a couple of weeks old already? She can feed herself as the 3rd child. No?

Kidding. Kidding.

Miss E said...

I can imagine how busy you and your household are right now! No worries, friend, we'll be here waiting for you when you have time to come back. In the meantime, love those sweet kids of yours and take some time to relax :)

Anonymous said...

I saw Elle's photo shoot at Aldee's this past weekend. So perfect! Her expressions are great.=)
~Aldee's Friend Mary

amyjr said...

Deep will catch up or just say frick and let things fall along the wayside and grab a glass of wine, hold your husband's hand and raise a glass to your children. And take deep drinks.

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