Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Losing My Hair

It. Is. On.

My hubby and I are in a weight loss competition.

I can hear all of the women out there screaming "So not fair. Men lose weight faster..." Yes, you are all right. They do. But, I just had a baby weight and I lose weight pretty easily once my body realizes that we aren't pregnant anymore. My hair just started falling out so my body seems to have gotten the message that it is time to let it all go. Let's hope!

So, every month on the 20th, we are weighing in. In private! I will not let him see the number. I won't admit it to anyone. It is a man size weight. And no one but me will see this crazy number.

I am about five pounds down and I have one more week to go for the month. That's not too shabby. My husband is down about 4 pounds. He can not eat dessert one night and be down two pounds so I have to stick to it this week in order to win.

What do I win other than gloating rights and pants that fit? My husband received a little extra bonus money and he divided it up per month. So, it is a good amount and one that motivates me. The winner of the best out of three months wins a sizable amount of money from Coin Star that we just turned in. FUN!!!

And how am I doing it? For now, just cutting back on my addiction to sweets and walking each day on my treadmill. I will get more crazy when I need to if I hit a plateau. And what will I do with my money when I win this month (hear that husband?)? I might join Weight Watchers to ensure that I win each month after this. Sort of a reinvestment of my money. I won't drive you crazy with updates each day about my workouts and weight loss. There is nothing worse than reading that on blogs. But, I will keep you posted once in awhile. I may even post some pics if we ever get the computer and camera working together again.

Hubby- It. Is. On.


Trooper Thorn said...

A woman motivated is more powerful than an avalanche. Of course an avalanche continues to grow in size as it sweeps away all things in it's path, but you get the idea. He should just concede victory now.

Krystyn said...

Good luck. Kick his booty!

And, oh, the hair loss! I hated that so much.

Flea said...

You're hilarious! Good for you!

Jessica said...

I like a challenge! That sounds fun. Kick his arse, Indy!

Naomi said...

oh i love it! love that there is CASH at the end of the tunnel! brilliant!

OHmommy said...

Cheering you on. You go girl!

amyjr said...

Beat the fat off him!! You can do it since we just talked about WW today. GOOD LUCK and make good choices.

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