Monday, October 26, 2009

Who Needs the Vaccine?

There has been so much debate about whether to get the H1N1 vaccine. Luckily, most of us in our area will not have to make this decision. The flu is hitting Northeast Ohio hard.

I was sure we would get the vaccine to protect my newborn. I had to do something!

Little did I know that my sons would get it and cough all over my baby. They sneezed all over her too. Ryan, my oldest, was so sick and could not catch his breath. I took him to the pediatrician to try to get a super duper prescription cough medicine that would help him sleep. We didn't get one because my doctor was too focused on testing Ryan for the Swine flu. I had worried so much about it that I didn't think this could be it.

As I found out, he did have it! So, no vaccination for him.

My husband and I didn't get sick at all. So, we will try to get our shots. And our baby Elle, so far so good. We have Tamiflu just in case. I swear I check her head for a fever every hour.

As much as I feared the Swine Flu, it is a relief to have had a child have it, be tested for it and recover. Nothing rocks a family like having a sick child. I am feeling blessed to have had mine recover. And I am remembering the children and their families that haven't been as lucky.


Flea said...

Tamiflu rocks. Thaniel got the flu a couple of months ago and no one else caught it. Weird. It was gone in three days. Glad you're all well and recovering. :)

Steph said...

I worry so much about our new baby Isabelle we have had our regular flu shots but have been unlucky in get the H1N1 shot

Anonymous said...

I am glad Ry is feeling better. I hope the other kiddos fair as well or better. Glad you and Mike have remained healthy! ~Aldee

Jackie Sakura said...

Glad to hear Ryan has recovered and that the rest of you didn't get it. Kelsey had it, too...had a fever for 8 days!!! When a touch of pneumonia followed, antibiotics worked wonders. The rest of us were fine. That swine flu is vicious!

Kat said...

I am going through the same debate here. I am so worried about those stinking vaccines (made with mercury-ACK!) and also NOT getting the vaccines. So scary.
So glad everyone recovered and baby is still healthy.
My boys have had runny noses and coughs (but only slight temps for a few days) for the past week or two. Now I'm wondering if they had the swine flu too. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Look at sweet Elle's little face! I'm so glad things have stablized flu-wise in your family. I will knock on wood that everyone stays healthy. ~Aldee's Friend Mary

amyjr said...

Glad you haven't gotten it yet. The girls had their swine shots yesterday and both have been sick last week and in my mind I was sooo aprehensive and praying no flu. Now I have to get the shot..or not.
BTW Elle looks so beautiful in the photo:-D

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is feeling better. Seems like everyone is sick right now. The kids and I were just sick and it would be nice if we had all had the H1N1 and could relax this cold and flu season.

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