Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where in the Heck Am I?

I get about 20 people stopping by each day. That is pretty surprising since I haven't been writing much lately.

You may be wondering what I am doing with all of my free time.

1. Most of my free time in the evening is spent in my basement. I have a treadmill down there and I listen to my Ipod and watch TV on closed caption. I work out each night from 9-10. That is when I used to write. My weight loss effort is going great. I am down 23 lbs. from when I first declared war on this body. I am losing about 1.5 lbs a week!

2. My other hour that is somewhat free is after I put the kids to bed. I spend that hour doing the dishes, eating a snack and checking my email. It is a sexy wild life. I know.

3. If I ever find another spare minute, I usually try to clean up the house, do laundry and catch up with my to do list.

I am trying to maintain a balance and not worry so much about my blog, Facebook and my emails. I like writing. But sometimes, it has to be put on the back burner so my children have clean socks and underwear. As Elle gets a little older and naps a little more at the same time each day I will try to get back into a routine for writing. But for now, I am squeezing it in when I have the ambition and time.

When you get a moment, what do you do with your free time? What's your guilty pleasure?

For me? My guiltiest is watching bad TV and surfing the net at the same time on my laptop. Love "Hoarders" and "Real Housewives of Whatever County." Combine this with Perez and Pure crap. Pure satisfaction.


Anonymous said...

23 lbs?

Rock it sister!

My guilty pleasure, a/k/a time waster is definitely surfing the web and listening to music. Outside of the house, it's sitting at the coffee shop with my gal pals and just shooting the breeze and watching 2-3 hours waste away to nothingness!

OHmommy said...

Great job on the weight loss! See you tomorrow.

Krystyn said...

Awesome job with the weight loss!

Hmm...priorities? Mine are probably out of whack!

amyjr said...

Time waster is the same with Naomi. But...haven't had time for sitting and shooting the breeze with the girls.
great job on the loss!!! I can't wait to see you!
A good website that I love to surf besides Etsy, Facebook, People and Eonline, Youtube..gofugyourself. It is so funny to see what the girls say about celebrity styling.

Jessica said...

You and I are the same. I often do try to catch up and prepare posts that I can publish at a later date. That way, when I'm crazy swamped, I've got back up! But, I'm definitely a sucker for the Housewives...and about every other single show on TV!

Flea said...

Psh. You do what you gotta do, woman. :)

Miss E said...

Awesome weight loss! Maybe I should be getting my butt in gear instead of writing. Such inspiration!

Kat said...

Wow! Great job on the weight loss. I think that is what I should be doing from 9-10 each night too. I have a treadmill in my basement but it is just collecting dust right now. :( Oops.

Anonymous said...

Guilty pleasure is vegging out in front of the tv. Have to have a little time each night to unwind. Love the computer, but it winds me up sometime.

Great job on the weightloss! Keep it going! If we all would get on the treadmill instead of the sofa we'd be slim nation. Keep it going sista! :) Lara-

ps. I love getting your weekly call on the way home from WW and hearring how much you lost!

AreWeThereYet? said...

DUH girlfriend -- you are out of sorts and lost your mojo because you are LOSING WEIGHT!

The very few weeks of my life that I have been able to accomplish what you are doing, I have been CRABBY, eXhAuStEd beyond all tiredness, and all in all NOT MYSELF. It is like temporary insanity - for real.

This is a small to pay for the AWESOME results you are getting.

There is a reason people call it "Fat and Happy." I mean, just look at the "real housewives of whatever county." Why do you think they are so nuts!

Don't be so hard on are doing an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G thing! CHEW ON THAT!

Kel said...

glad all is going well...congrats on the 'weight war' Kick it's butt! :)

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