Monday, June 27, 2011

The Boa

This hot mama left hot pink feathers at every winery we visited. It was a trail of fun. I wondered what the people finding the feathers would think. Where did these come from?

KpFUN was the sixth or seventh birthday girl to wear the boa. I can't remember who we bought it for first. Each 40th birthday, the bag is passed around and once the party has gotten started, the feather boa is pulled out and later a silly crown is put on her head.

When I was younger, I didn't know that the 40th birthday party was such a big deal. But as my friends have hit the big 4-0, each one has had her unique party. We had one at a country bar with dance music, four at a local dive that plays great music to dance to, one a a very cool bar with a band and this past weekend, we went to the wine country in Geneva with a limo! The parties are planned by their closest friends or sometime the woman plans her own. I have had a great time at them all.

I love the 40th birthday celebrations. When someone groans about getting old or teases me about my age, I honestly tell them that my age doesn't bother me. I lost a friend to cancer a few years ago. We were the same age. Each birthday I get to see is a gift and one that I wish my friend and her family could have. So no, birthdays do not bother me at all. In fact, I am trying to figure out what to do for mine. I have over 4 months to plan this bash. I love to dance so I know there will be a dance floor where ever I end up. And I loathe bad music. I am a serious music fan who drives DJ's and party hosts crazy with requests.

So where will I wear the hot pink feather boa? Might turn my house into a club, might travel to Vegas, might end up at the dive bar in our town, might take a limo downtown with the girls, might include the guys, might have it at a friends house, might be a big bar... who knows?Birthdays are for celebrating. Let's pretend the recession is over and money is plentiful, where would you celebrate yours? Dream big people. And celebrate with a hot pink, feather boa and don't forget the crown.


MIT Mommy said...

LOVE IT. I am so there! Glad to see the boa has a few feathers left.

Lara said...

A trip to Vegas is always fun! Although I think a night dancing with friends any where is always a good time. Can't wait to see you wearing the feather boa and having a great time!

Indy said...

I can't wait to wear the boa too!

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