Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never Too Late

I never got around to sending an acquaintance a sympathy card when her sister passed away. We don't really know each other well. We're more Facebook friends. But every time she posts on FB, I feel bad. At the time, I knew she'd get a million cards. I didn't think it mattered. But, I have been on the other side of this. It matters. It all matters.

At my mom's funeral, a friend came. She also came to the calling hours. We weren't the closest friends. So, it was a big deal. And it was a long drive to my home town. Every time I see her, I think "Wow. She came to my mom's funeral." Every time I see her I think about it. I have thanked her a gazillion times for coming. Now, it just gets embarrassing. But she will never know how much it meant to me. You don't realize how much it all means until you are are in the midst of a family crisis and are hoping someone can help you along the journey.

Another friend lost her mother-in-law last week. The card sits in the kitchen. I know I must write it out and send it. One thing I learned from losing my mom is that it is never too late to send a sympathy card. People grieve much longer than people think. So a late card is appreciated. It means that someone remembers that they are still struggling to work through their grief.

So if you ever forget to reach out, know that the person grieves every day. Over time, it gets easier. But, a card is always appreciated whether it be days, months or ever a year later. Their loved one is always missed and any chance to hear someone aknowledge that makes the journey a little easier. I am going to send my FB friend a card. It has been months and months since she lost her loved one. But, I know she is still grieving and it is never too late.

If you are wondering why there is a rose on this page, it is for my mom. She loved roses and gardens. When I saw it, I thought of her.


Lara said...

Great message. Very true.

PrewChatterly said...

I feel you so much on this one. My mom passed away this year (last january 26) and to think that its only the beginning of the year it hurts so bad. Especially when i wasnt able to say everything on mind.

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Kerri said...

what a great reminder

MIT Mommy said...

Lovely as usual. Enjoyed seeing you so very happy the other night. It was a gift to all of us to help a beautiful woman enjoy a special day. I am sure your mother was smiling too.

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