Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Where U Been?

Top 10 Reasons I have been away from my blog.

10. I might be losing my mind. Or at least it feels that way. Three kids are making me a bit nuts. A toddler might be the main reason. Either way. I just can't focus and write anything without her pulling on my leg. I can't get anything done. My house is in shambles. Honest.

9. Some private stuff happened to some friends in the fall. It was constantly on my mind and I was dying to write about it. I couldn't. So, I avoided the computer and tried to avoid mentioning their problems online.

8. When you write a blog, it is either super cheery, boring or you are complaining about something. I am tired of other people's blogs so I just thought people were tired of mine. And everyone time I tried to come up with a topic to write about, so many people were giving me advice. I am just writing to write. I wasn't looking for solutions.

7. I started to really pay attention to where our money was going in the fall. I was cutting coupons, learning how to play the coupon game and getting tons of free stuff at CVS. It takes tons of time. I might have gotten a little obsessed with it. (Google Krazy Coupon Lady for tips)

6. I was also working out like a dog. All of the weight I lost this past year takes a lot of maintenance. Before my 40th birthday, I was on the treadmill most school nights and lifting weights after that. Instead of writing, I was running and walking.

5. Three kids are a lot of work. Did I say that? I can't keep up. It is worth mentioning twice.

4. I feel pretty spoiled. When my days are long, tough and boring, I think about women who are struggling to feed their children. Many are the working poor who are working two jobs with no health insurance praying their children stay well. They struggle to heat their houses and feed their children. I have a gorgeous house, two cars, heat and way too much food. What is wrong with me and why do I complain? I have more that I know. Who wants to read about me worrying about this?

3. I wasn't sure why I was writing. In the beginning, I wrote for myself. I found it hard to share my feelings with random people that started talking to me about my blog in the grocery store. It felt too personal. They knew stuff about me that my dad doesn't even know. (No, he isn't a reader my blog). I started to feel uncomfortable. I am pretty honest. Knowing that certain people were reading made me feel weird around them.

2. I can't be as honest as I'd like. For example, there is a person that I sort of know. He is writing some really crazy, crazy stuff on Facebook. I would love to write a funny post about it him but it I can't. He might call me out of Facebook. I don't want that.

1. I don't know. Part of it feels like there is really no point to writing. A friend asked me today why I wasn't writing. I didn't have a good answer. But she had a good point, she said to do it for me. That's the only reason to do it, I guess.

So, if it keeps me sane, I will keep writing. I need some balance in my life (don't we all?) so maybe writing again will help me along in the journey. We'll see. I will keep you posted. But, just don't mention it too much if you see me in the grocery store.

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ladygeekgeek said...

Welcome back, however often it is. We missed you.

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