Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So Addicted.

My name is Indy and I am a Facebookaholic.

There I said it. I love to check my Facebook throughout the day whenever I get time. On Facebook, people have tagged me to write 25 random things about myself. I thought I would get double credit and put it up here too.

1. I am not sure I know what I want to be when I grow up. I went to graduate school to work in administration at a college. I think I have a calling but I just haven't been called yet.

2. I am addicted to Coca-Cola. I would weigh 110 lbs if I could not drink it. I love it and don't want to live my life without it. So, I will own these curves and get over it.

3. I didn't want children until I got married.

4. Speaking of marriage, my husband and I went on one date and then didn't go on another for two years. Luckily, we ended up in the same class right before I graduated from Mount Union.

5. I met Oprah once. I could barely speak and I asked to shake her hand. I am still shocked that I was so in awe that I couldn't function. A member of her staff took our picture but I never received a copy of it. Bummer.

6. In high school, I didn't really fit into a group. I played the piano, violin, was in the orchestra, musicals and I was a cheerleader. No clique for people like me.

7. My Dad calls me Doobie. He thinks it is from Scooby-Doo (Doobie, Doobie Doo). None of my friends believe him. He barely drinks let alone smokes anything so I am sure it is innocent. He doesn't even get the Mary Jane comments.

8. I read a lot. This week I finished Jennifer Weiner's Certain Girls. I really liked it and could barely put it down. Last week, I read the Reader by Bernard Schlink. I know it won awards and people loved it. I didn't care for it at all.

9. I sing and dance in the car a lot. I give amazing performances. My poor children. My favorite tunes include Prince, U2, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and anything else funky on the radio. No kids music in my van!

10. I am a poor swimmer. I cried through lessons as a child and then my parents let me drop out. I was then thrown in a pool in 5th grade and a friend saved me. I have taken lessons as an adult and I am still a weak swimmer. Maybe someday it will come...

11. I love all things Irish and Northern Irish. I was in the Ulster Project and then I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I still keep in contact with the "Irish teen" that was assigned to me in 1988. Hi Emma!

12. I talk too much in class and at meetings.

13. I love Las Vegas and thank goodness my husband does too. When things are going well financially, we go as often as we can beg relatives to watch the kids. We aren't the biggest gamblers. We just love the restaurants, lounges, pools and hotels.

14. I am afraid of new people and social situations. Really. I am. I swear.

15. I like crummy TV. You'll find me watching American Idol, Real Housewives of any County and the Bachelor. I like to escape. I also watch a lot of news. My favorite is the World News with Charlie Gibson while I make dinner. I also love Anderson Cooper on CNN.

16. I love to take cruises and wish I could go on one yearly. My parents spoiled us as children by taking us on two and now I am constantly trying to plan my next trip. I have been on five so far. I can't wait to retire!

17. I cannot stand beer. I loooooove red wine and cannot wait to have a glass of wine once I have this baby! I only have about 175 days. Who's counting?

18. Being a mom is harder than I ever expected.

19. Being married is easier than I ever expected.

20. My parents, sisters and I were lucky enough to have our two aunts live with us growing up. Five girls under 20! My poor Dad.

21. I love pets. We have the best dog ever, Gracie. The Queen of the house is KiKi. Each boy has two bettas and an aquatic frog in their room. We have a huge aquarium full of fish in our basement and we have three hermit crabs, too.

22. I don't like to call people. I don't mind if they call me but I have a little fear about calling. I don't even like to order pizza.

23. I am a night owl. My husband makes me go to bed at a decent time. When he travels or is out, I stay up really, really late.

24. I don't like to take baths.

25. I wish I could volunteer more or find my volunteer calling.


Kel said...

HA - I'm a facebookaholic too! Could you see us if we went to a FA (Facebook Anonymous) meeting - Hi, my name is Kel and I can't stop updating my status, fishing or poking people. hahaha

I LOVE vegas...I begged my hubby to go with me a few years back and got him hooked, we try to go every year, but skipped a few when we had the baby, but I'm going this year (even if I have to fed ex myself there!) :)

Hope you have a great day!

Jessica said...

Thanks for sharing your list! Being that I am a Facebookaholic too I'm considering posting my 25 from there as well! :)

Good luck with your addiction.

Krystyn said...

I think you and my sister are long lost sisters! She hates (well, used to) hate calling people on the phone!

And, a little red wine...sounds good. I can do without a coke most days!

And, I still haven't broken down and set up a facebook account...despite being harassed for not doing it.

OHmommy said...

Hate the phone. Love the red wine.

But. I know that you know that I listen to kid's music in my car. ;)

MIT Mommy said...

I enjoy Facebook too. I cut it out after about four days of being on it non stop. Now I try to hit it just now and then.

Have you read "The Shack"? It was passed to me by a friend and I read it the other night. I never read enough.

It always kills me that you claim to be afraid of meeting new people. I guess you just draw people to you naturally.

When's our next glass of red wine Indy?

Stephanie said...

I'm addicted to facebook too! Even though I swore I would never get on it!
Love the list..I learned all kinds of fun stuff!

Kerri said...

i am so with you on the phone call thing!

Irishgirl said...

I can verify EVERY one of the above statements. I think that is pretty good to know yourself so well!

MotheringMatters2Me said...

The more I get to know you, the more I love you!

When you are ready for that next glass of red wine, count me in. I will take you to the wine bar again - NOT GK!(You should blog about that one day!)

Brigette Russell said...

You're on your fourth pregnancy and you're still completely abstaining from wine? You're hardcore! I totally abstained with my first, had I think one half-glass with my second, the occasional half-glass with my third, and the occasional three-quarters glass with my fourth. Good thing I'm too old to have a dozen because by the 12th one Lord only knows what I'd be up to.

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