Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sitting Out

Tonight, I am babysitting for my babysitting co-op and all of my friends are at a fundraiser for our mom's group. We decided to sit this one out due to the economy, my husband's shaky employment status and my pregnancy. I am one to hate missing a party. I hate missing anything. As a child, I NEVER missed school. I didn't want to miss anything.

So here I am on a Saturday night. And guess what? I don't miss it. Not because it isn't a fun party or because I can't have a glass of wine, something more. Something happens when you are pregnant. You hunker down and worry about silly things like how many bibs you have and if you know where all of your baby stuff might be. You don't have the strong desire to be busy or get out there. God or nature slows you down. The hormones fill my body and tell me to sit down. Rest. Put your feet up. Relax.

Soon enough, I won't be sitting down or even have time to find a bib. As a mother of two, I know my days of rest will soon be over. In a few short months, I will pick up my wine glass, join my girlfriends and complain about being a new mom again. But, for tonight, I cherish the rhythm of my body and the small kicks I feel now and then and even my never ending heartburn. And I will enjoy doing absolutely nothing tonight. I will put my feet up, look for some TV to watch and relax.


revkpd said...

lovely... i really enjoy reading your words, Indy.

skywind said...

Sitting Out are her energies in order to better meet the challenge. :)
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Kelbabe said...

Don't forget that you were studying very hard for class sunday morning because you knew what a great class was ahead of you and how well they would listen! ;o) I hope I'm around for some of those glasses of wine!

Miss E said...

Hope you had a nice and relaxing night!

MIT Mommy said...

It was a fun party, but you made the right choice!!!

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