Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will You Help Me Change My Clocks?

Only a man would decide to change the clocks two times a year.

A woman knows how everything runs by a schedule in a family. When the schedule is off, the whole family is off. And if a woman created daylight savings time (DST), she wouldn't do it during the school year. She really wouldn't.

All over our country, women today were complaining about the time change. I don't know that for sure but I can guess based on what happened here today. We had tantrums, fights, red tired eyes and sleepy sleepy boys. They don't know when to wake up and we don't know when to put them to bed. I screamed at them and begged them to stop fighting. I threatened to put them to bed even earlier than usual and in the end, I think it might have been later. It was barely light at the bus stop this morning. I ran out for the Plain Dealer and there were neighbor kids waiting in the dark at 7:10 a.m. No mother would ever to create a system where children wait in the dark for a bus.

I checked out the origins on the web. It is pretty interesting if you have some time. Here is the link. But, yes an English man (William Willett, see photo) invented daylight savings time so he could golf in the evening. Really! Go figure. His poor wife was probably at home trying to convince the children that it was really bedtime even though it wasn't dark yet.

I love summer and I know I will love DST in the middle of the summer. There are tons of reasons why it is a good idea. And did you know that most countries fall back and spring forward? Who knew? But it is a killer in the Spring. I know I have trouble adjusting and I know for sure my children are a bit off. In Ohio, any step towards warm weather and summer is a positive sign. I saw a crocus coming up through the soil today. Opening day for the Indians isn't too far away and soon, we will hear the ice cream man drive down the street. And about that time, I should be getting around to all of the clocks that are off by an hour in our house. Yes, only a man would decide to change the clocks two times a year.
I think I only have one or two regular male readers. So sorry G & K. Hope you'll come back.


bernthis said...

it drives me crazy, especially b/c I forget how late it is and realized I still need to make dinner

skywind said...

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Kelbabe said...

girlfriend, i am so right with you on this one!!! i don't mind falling backward as much as springing forward....ugh!

Kel said...

haha - yes, a man with no regards to the tight schedules we run - we could command army's on our schedules! ;) I am enjoying the impending spring and that is ALL I am happy about during the 'spring forward' time change...however the 'fall back' time change does make me happy...you know, that extra hour of sleep sure does come in handy!

Have a great week!

OHmommy said...

You scream too?

Kidding. ;)

I just wanted to let everyone know that I did not get out of bed until 9:01 this morning. The husband put Jay on the bus. I took Lola to school at 9:22am MIT-mama style. AND I went to bed super early. I am having a difficult time with the time change as well.

Off to read your links.

Jessica said...

LOVED this post! I agree with you!

Jackie S. said...

I hear you! Can you imagine that Kelsey's bus comes at 6:25AM??? With this time change, waiting for the bus yesterday almost felt like it was the middle of the night!!

MIT Mommy said...

Hey OHmommy - You're just jealous.

I would read Indy's links, except I have already been forced to research this subject in the past by my children.

Im2Sexy4MyVan said...

I spent 34 years in a different time zone. It has been 6 yrs and I can't get used to this (earlier) zone.

I do very well when i go to the rocky mountains. Calif would be perfect for me... I vote that the west and eastern time zone switch for a year! My family would probably run much more effectively then...

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