Monday, April 27, 2009

Ethel, Maud, Laree?

I get on my son Ryan for being so picky. He is picky about everything. Food, clothes, food, temperature, food and so much more. He is bad but I know where he gets it from.

As I sat at the playground today enjoying the summer-like weather, I heard parents yell out names. In my head I kept saying, Nope. Won't work. Can't name my child that name. Not even on the list. No way.

I find it hard to believe that I don't like most names. When I look at the top 1000 names and cross off what I don't like, I am left with a small list. I wish I wasn't so picky. I do. But, I am.

I am starting to freak out a bit because I am heading into the third trimester. I have a long time to go until my due date. But, I also know that at any time, I could go into labor and the baby would survive. I keep picturing the hospital yelling at me and making me choose a name. Ever wonder why there are so many children named "Baby" on the Social Security top 1000 names of the year?

My husband and I have created a process where we both write down all of our favorite names. We then take turns crossing one off of the master list. It worked for us before and I am sure we will use this process again. But like all good procrastinators, it is too early for us to even create the master list. I have to feel the fear of the birth lurking in the shadows to get down to business.

I have played around with naming sites online and have printed out the Social Security list. I don't know if this makes it harder or easier. I now know why there are so many Marys and Josephs. Good ol' traditional names that made you feel better after naming the baby. I am just glad this is the last time I have to do this. It was so much easier naming baby dolls as a child. I usually just went with my middle name, Laree. Hmmmm. That doesn't sound so bad. Maybe I will add it to my list.


OHmommy said...

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Don't worry. In the state of OH you have up until 12 months to legally change the baby's name. Not that I would know, or anything.

I'm just saying.

PS/ My word vertification was "billywe" Perhaps we think Billy is a good name?

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness! I will be the.same.way. someday! I just know I will. I seem to like a lot of names, but there are so many that I can't imagine calling my future children. So.many.

Best of luck, Indy! I'm sure you & your husband will pick the greatest name!

Im2Sexy4MyVan said...

My greatest dream would be to name another baby....Enjoy the process! It can be so fun.

Anonymous said...

Make it easy on yourself and don't buck tradition...Like you said, you'll feel so much better after you name the baby "Mary".;) Suggesting your own name for a baby never gets old, right? =)
~Aldee's Friend Mary

Krystyn said...

Then, add to that list being a teacher, and it ruins all of the good names for you, too!

Hubby and I went through the alphabet and we each had to come up with a name for that letter (and while Nacho and Salsa are funny at first, they aren't so funny in the end)!

But, I imagine if/when there is a third, it's really going to be a challenge.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this site? You can listen to Frank McCourt pronounce Irish baby names. I thought it was neat when I was deciding.

Patty O.

Leave a Trail... said...

Okay, when we were naming our second, I had a neighbor tell me to narrow down the list, go to the back door and yell, "Madalyn Kay, COME HERE NOW!" Worked for me...

Managed Chaos said...

Oh, my younger sister struggled with naming her little girl too. She and her husband waited until the day she was born to settle on a name.

My last name is Wood, so I knew that Dolly and Holly were never contenders on our list *wink*

MommyWizdom said...

I can see why it's difficult. No one is ever happy. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I made the mistake of "telling" everyone the name before she was born... both MILs (my MOTHER too (et tu Brute)!) tried to convince me of other names! The nerve! I stuck to my guns, though!

Good luck!

Have you checked the family tree?

MommyWizdomPs. Word verification was berpo - how funny! (I am NOT suggesting it as a name!)

PPS. I didn't know there was a SS list!?

Kel said...

My first one was much easier to name than the second one...but in time you too will find one that suits the baby just right!

Good luck!

TUC said...

Baby naming is so much fun (almost worth having a fourth... not!) For our third we were all set with both choices. And then she arrived. I told her the name we chose for her and she started screaming! Back to the drawing board we went. I still am amazed that my daughter ended up with a name I never even once considered prior to her birth.

Will you share your list with us? After all the uninvited comments I got for my first child's name-to-be, I stopped telling people beforehand. However that won't deter me from hoping you tell!

SHONK said...

Don't stress about the name....i am guessing it is one of those things that just kinda look at the baby and you know the name! But what is so wrong with Maud?....i mean that is my moms middle name...

(Please Note: Don't name your child Maud......)

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