Thursday, April 16, 2009

Next Week: Barber

I am putting on a happy face around the kiddos today. Inside, I am nervous and a little anxious. Why? I hate to even say because it sounds so foolish. I have a dentist appointment today. I even have two friends that are dentists that I am sure will get a kick out of my irrational fear. You'd think that after giving birth twice and having a million PAP tests that the dentist should be no big deal. You'd think. But, it is not true for me.

I have the worst teeth. I have very soft enamel. I brush twice a day with a fancy toothbrush and I never miss a day of flossing. I use a special prescription toothpaste to protect my teeth. I always use Listerine twice a day. I do EVERYTHING my hygienist says. Besides having crummy teeth and nasty gums, I am a model patient.

My kids on the other hand LOVE going to their dentist. He is a pediatric dentist. After Ryan threw the biggest fit in the world, my dentist suggested we take him somewhere special. I am so glad I did. They love going for their appointments and even ask "When do we get to go see Dr. Gindi again?"

Yesterday, my kids had a dentist appointment. Later in the afternoon, Ryan was making a list of all of his friends. He wrote DG. I asked, "Who is that?" "Dr. Gindi, he's my friend." Then at dinner last night, my husband asked Ryan what he wanted to be when he grows up and he said "A dentist." Yes! So much better than the McDonalds worker he wrote about at school last week. (I know, I know, next week, he will probably want to be a barber. But just let me cherish this moment.)

I love their enthusiasm for the dentist. I hope it never changes. So today, I am chewing the inside of the my mouth out of nervousness and keeping my fears to myself. I am very quiet around them and I am trying to stay busy. I just can't ruin this love affair for them.

My appointment went well and because I am pregnant, having puffy gums was a little to be expected. I survived and even thought in the middle of my appointment "Why was I so worried?"


Jessica said...

I'm glad it ended up going so well! The dentist is definitely not my favorite place either, but my boyfriend plans on going to dental school. I'm thinking I should probably let go of this slight dentist fear...

OHmommy said...


Jay wants to open up a dental office/animal rescue center.

Perhaps they can go in business together. LOL. Glad your appointment went well.

skywind said...

We have a lot of things to do in the next week. :)
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Kel said...

YAY - so glad it all went you won't have to do it again time! :)

Kerri said...

I'm with you Indy!!!

Rhea said...

My kids seem to enjoy the dentist also. Why wouldn't they? I mean they get to watch movies above their chairs, get toys when they're done, play video games in the waiting's nuts!

irishgirl said...



need I say more! I need to get over to see you so I can talk your kids out of this!!!!!
Do they want to grow up to be like Orson on Desperate Housewives....or worse...LIKE MEEEE!
(we don't like to monkey around with pregnant ladies too much! Most stuff can wait!)

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