Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love the Cravings

I love to eat. I NEVER miss a meal. Ever. One of my dear friends always says she forgets to eat. I don't understand at all. It is like breathing. I could never forget or get too busy. Ever.

A benefit to being pregnant is eating. I am not one to even worry a tiny bit about how much I have gained. I will lose it. I gained and lost it all before. I'll do it again.

So, what have I enjoyed the most? (Health freaks, please just stop reading now. Or get ready to feel superior. This isn't pretty.)

My biggest breakfast cravings have been:

Lucky Charms (I have bought boxes and boxes)

Pop Tarts

Raisin Bran


Taco Bell

or eggs (I have no idea where this comes from)

Not loving dinner or real food. Went through a salad phase. So unlike me. More into chicken than beef. Can't do any seafood.


Due to horrible heartburn, I can't eat much peanut butter at night. So, I have switched to a Klondike bar every night for a snack. Yes, I am going to miss this once I have the baby and have to cut it out.

My cravings have been completely different than when I was pregnant with my two boys. I could have guessed that I was having a girl. For those of you who have had children, what do you crave? Did you crave different things with each child? For my readers without kiddos, when you PMS, any cravings?
Bon appetit, readers!


Leave a Trail... said...

Child #1 Arby's Roast Beef sandwich with 3 packets of Arby's sauce smothered on it

Child #2 Burger King BK Broiler with Cheese and a diet coke to cancel the calories out...

Child #3 Wine...sad

AreWeThereYet? said...

#1 - green slushies. Had to have one every other day. After birth, I threw up neon green slushie residue that was at least 2.5 days old. Haven't had a green slushie since...

#2 - Loaded baked potatoes, peaches, and crushed ice. HAD TO chomp on ice. Terrible, awful and annoying I know. Couldn't help it. It was a compulsion.

Lindsay said...

I can't believe you're STILL having cravings! Really....they left me months ago. Strange, really, but there is seriously no more room in my bouda. None. But now that you HAD to put up a box of those DARN Lucky Charms....mmmmmm.....I think I need to run to the grocery store quick. Thanks. A Million.

Krystyn said...

I craved Taco Bell with #1....just junk food for #2.

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