Friday, December 30, 2011

Stop Fighting!

I have sent them to their rooms. I have taken away electronics. I have sat down with them and talked with them. I have screamed. I have made them "rest." I have had them work it out on their own. Nothing is working. Fighting is a sport for my boys and they love to fight about everything. We're talking real punches and arguing. Not just bear cubbing which they do sandwiched between the real fighting.

That's why when the other mothers are writing about how much they love Christmas break, I just want to scream. I am not the biggest fan. Sure, I love not making lunches and hurrying the kids to get dressed. I love no schedule. Well, sort of. I just can't stand the fighting.

My aunt always says that her two boys never fought when they were young. I don't believe it for one minute. I think you forget.

I know other mothers keep their kids busy from morning to night. I am not that ambitious. Plus, with the toddler, we try to get her home for a nap right after lunch. The Terrible Two's get a lot worse with no nap. So, we are stuck at home a lot. So, there is plenty of time for brawls.

So that is why after screaming at Kyle and making Ryan go to my room to rest, I am having a cup of tea, writing this post and on my way to get another piece of Amish Friendship Bread. I am exhaling and trying to savor this time with my children. My next stop is the school website to make sure I have the start date for school. It cannot come a moment too soon.

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Val said...

Hello! I missed your blog! I'm glad you are writing again. I can totaly relate to the fighting. My kids are ages 10, 7, 5 and 3. The worst is when they fight over "a treat." Mine were fighting over who got the biggest piece of cake!! Can't they just be happy they are getting cake?? I make them not speak to each other for a while and it actually seems to work. They start to want to say something to their sibling and I'll remind them they can't talk to eachother- then they start to miss eachother's company. I discovered this on accident but it works! Good luck! Happy New Year!

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