Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'll Finish This Post Later

On my counter top sits thank you notes. They are from my son's birthday party that was held on August 23rd. They have been written for weeks. Most have been signed by my six year old. That was no easy task. I have bought stamps. I have yet to address them. You'd think it was such a horrible task to do. I can think of much worse. But there they sit and have sat for about two weeks now. I moved them for the weekend babysitters into my ginormous pile but they are back now to their resting spot. And instead of address them, I am writing this silly post. I pretend I am so busy but I did practice piano earlier today so you know I'm lying.

What else have I been meaning to do? I have to make an appointment with a specialist for Kyle. It would take more time to call a friend. I made notes in my date book reminding me to make this call. I even made a sign that hangs in my kitchen. I keep putting it off. Why not just make the darn call and get it over? I have no idea what my problem is.

When I was a student I would thrive on deadlines. I was a communications major and somehow I thought I was more like a journalist if I would wait until the last minute, work late into the night and turn it in. I wasn't any better as a high school student. I procrastinated with every project.

So, I am trying something a little different with my children. My son had a lot of homework to do this week. He is a kindergartner and he has a different worksheet to do each night. They all came on Monday and are due on Friday. He wanted to know why he had to do one page a night. If he could only understand what I am trying to teach him. I remember the tears as a child being so tired the night before homework was due and begging not to do it. My son still has the tears and is begging me not to do his work. But as a mother, I can't imagine it any other way.

I will lead by example. I will at least work on addressing five of my envelopes before bed. I will make myself send five a day. I will make that doctor's appointment before I pick Kyle up for school tomorrow. I will help Ryan with yet another worksheet after school tomorrow. We'll get it all done. We'll just do a little bit a day so there are no tears.


Zip n Tizzy said...

Babysteps... you're teaching them good life skills.
(p.s. you're not alone!)

Stephanie said...

Well said girl!!
A little at a time!!
I'm the same way with mine on kindergarten..he already hates the homework!

Krystyn said...

What a good lesson to teach (him and yourself). I hope you accomplish your goals for today:)

Stephanie said...

Good lesson to teach. My hubby is like this (his mother could have given him a better dose or two, I believe), and it drives me bonkers. Do it, if for nothing else, for his future wife. ;oD

enthalpymama said...

We had the same set up last year in K, all the homework at the beginning of the week and due on Friday. I let my son pick which ones and sometimes he even wrote the dates on them. It did work sort of well. It cut down the major hysteria on Thurs.

Oh, and Andrew just finally finished writing his thank yous too, I have two more to send. I did send the others out already, but there are two more that have been there for a few days. He did write the whole note though. I gave him a list of names and gifts. Every one of them said "Thanks for coming." I would argue, but it was pretty clever, and quite efficient.

Kerri said...

fun to catch up on you through your blog!

I'm doing pretty well with my review of 2nd grade math! :-)

Flea said...

Good for you! My kids have to do all of their homework when they get home from school, before anything else, but none of them are in kindergarten. There's homework in kindergarten?

Have fun doing your chores. Maybe add some fun stickers to those envelopes, personalizing each.

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