Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Me? Bah Humbug?

Harry Connick Jr. wrote one of my favorite Christmas songs. The words of "When My Heart Finds Christmas" are:

In my eyes are valentines
And Easter eggs and New Year's wine
But when my heart finds Christmas
My eyes will shine like new

All the days are kind to me
But fall too far behind to see
But when my heart finds Christmas
I hope it finds you too

Lately, I have wondered what is wrong with me. Why am I not more excited about Christmas coming? It is everywhere. I went to Walmart yesterday and tried to walk down the Christmas section. I couldn't do it. I am just not into it.

I then thought about when I'd put up the tree and decorations. I even scheduled an event in early December at my house to force me to get my decorations up. Should it be so much work and something I dread? What is wrong with me? I love everything about Christmas. I get into it 100 percent.

It then dawned on me. IT IS NOT CHRISTMAS! I shouldn't be in the mood to start my Christmas cards or shop for gifts. I can relax and enjoy Thanksgiving for everything it means to me. I can look out at the leaves and soak in their color. I can put out my turkey decorations and gear up for the big family dinner and the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. We can even make turkeys with feathers that list everything we are grateful for. We can't miss Thanksgiving and all of the memories.

Retailers almost had me fooled. I know they are hurting. But, I think America is hurting for more than retail therapy. We need family. We need to be grateful. We need each other. Don't be afraid to ignore the commercials, music at the stores and the Christmas aisle. It is only November and we have so much to be grateful for. Let's celebrate Thanksgiving. And eventually my heart will find Christmas. But for now, I have to count my blessings and be thankful.


Jessica said...

Christmas is my thing too. And, you're right! It hadn't dawned on me either, but it isn't even close to Thanksgiving -- what the heck is all the Christmas stuff doing out??

OHmommy said...

Whoa. You are so right!

I am thankful for green bean casserole. I forgot about how much Thanksgiving rocks.

Kat said...

The whole first paragraph I was yelling at the screen "That's because it is not Christmas yet!" I am so glad you heard me. ;)

I can't stand that I heard Christmas music on the radio on HALLOWEEN. What is up with that? Makes me mad, actually.

I love Harry, and I love that song. I also love "What are you doing New Years Eve" Such an awesome song!

Genny said...

This made me smile...relax and enjoy Thanksgiving...sounds good to me!

Thanks for your sweet comment the other day. :)

Nap Warden said...

Thank you! You are so totally right...It's not me, it's them! Now pass some turkey:)

enthalpymama said...

Awesome! I'm with you all the way.

Jennifer said...

hey girl. i have missed coming here!! we are still getting settled after our move, but thankfully i now have cable, internet and phone!! yay.

I love this post. you are SOOOOOOOOO right!! I'm anxious for Christmas this year b/c my kids are very into it!! Three and five and it will be awesome with them. BUT i also love Thanksgiving and with this being such a hard year for everyone around me and our family as well, I do have a lot that I am thankful for and you are right that we need to put Christmas on the back burner for now... enjoy this beautiful time of year... fall foliage and family gatherings and the Macy's Day Parade and thank God for all we have.

thanks for putting me back into prospective!! :)

have a great day!! enjoy!!

Stephanie said...

I'm excited about Thanksgiving, too! Is this the tail end of your funk, maybe? All I know is it was contagious and I caught it. Maybe it's because I haven't been feeling well lately, but hopefully that'll change when I get me some TURKEY!

Anonymous said...

G, I'm looking forward to celebrating Turkey Day in Alliance this year! And Christmas Eve!! Yippee! These are the years, the difficult years, that we will talking about for years. Yes, the economy be damned, we have each other.


Rhea said...

I haven't gotten into Christmas yet either, and I really hate how commercialized it has gotten, how much they shove it down our throats SO EARLY. I don't mind it everywhere when the time is right, but they had stuff out BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Give me a break.

Rhea said...

I need to deal with one holiday at a time, people.

Jo said...

This was a fabulous post! How right you are! I refuse to purchase ANYTHING christmas until the day after Thanksgiving! You have inspired me.


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