Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baby Mama

Top Ten Signs You Shouldn't Have Trick or Treated at My House Last Night*

10. You fill out a french maid's outfit.
9. Your voice cracks when you say "Trick or Treat."
8. You are hoping for extra candy to bring to your office
7. You are worried about the candy going to your hips.
6. You aren't wearing a costume but carry a pillow case.
5. You drove and your truck is parked out front.
4. You are taller than me and I had to reach up to put candy in your bag.
3. You wondered if you should be a nurse or a naughty nurse.
2. You wore aftershave.
1. You are a baby mama (you brought the baby and her treat bag)

*Most of these really happened last night. Thanks to my sister, hubby and MIL for their help. We weren't talking about our trick or treaters, we're just saying....

Indy & Hubby at a Halloween party.

Kyle as Darth Maul minus the mask and double light saber


enthalpymama said...

And I thought those things only happened in my neighborhood. Yes, we got a few adults. But, even though we probably had 200+ trick or treaters, it was a very nice, low key evening.

OHmommy said...

What a CLASSY kitchen you and the hubby are standing in.

Im just saying.... wow!

Happy Halloween babe!

Flea said...

Dude. Lovin' the Darth Maul. No one wanted to be Darth Vader here this year, so our voice changing mask sat on the shelf. :( But you and the hubs rock!

Stephanie said...

So cute! Hope you guys had a great halloween!

C and C Mommy said...

I agree....the "big kids" just amaze me!!

Jessica said...

Gotta love #1...they're all SO true though!

Kinda sad...

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