Monday, November 17, 2008

Some Companies Are Making Money

Do you know that women buy more lipstick when the economy is bad? Really, they do. Lipstick sales are booming! From Avon to Estee Lauder, companies report a rise in sales of lipstick when the economy is in a recession. It must be because for less than $10 bucks, you can buy something that will make you feel better. And it doesn't put too much strain on the budget if you sneak a lipstick in now and then.

When I was a girl, my Grandma used to wear bright red lipstick. She was as tan as I am and very dark Irish hair. I loved her lipstick. But one thing really bugged me as a child. She always missed when putting it on. It was always smeared on the right side of her upper lip. Fast forward 30 years. Guess who does the exact same thing when putting on her lipstick? Me! Isn't that strange? More often than not, I have to fix my lipstick because I do the exact same thing. She died before I even wore lipstick so there was no make-up lesson gone wrong.

So in honor my Grandma Indy, I'd like to share my latest favorites in lipstick. You may be cutting back but a girl still has to look good.

My latest fave: Loreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Gloss.
Normally, long wearing lipsticks look pretty good when you put them on. Then, hours pass and then your lips get really dry and strange looking. Loreal Infallible is more like a lip gloss. I am not wild about lip gloss but I love the way this lipstick feels. When the gloss wears off, you are left with a natural shade of the original gloss that looks good while you go with the rest of your day. You can pick this up anywhere for less than $9 and it lasts a long time. I have had mine for a couple of months and I use it daily. Also, don't forget to look in your Sunday newspaper. Loreal always has coupons and CVS has buy one, get one free specials often.

In case you don't care for gloss: Loreal Infallible Lip Color
This lipstick stays on forever and ever. Sometimes it stays on all night while I sleep. I like to wear it under a regular lipstick. It gives me a nice color that doesn't have to be reapplied. Who has time throughout the day? This lipstick is like your favorite pair of jeans. Just put it on and forget about it.

In case you want a regular lip stick: Mary Kay
I have tons of regular lipsticks in my collection. Time after time, I reach for my Mary Kay lipsticks. I am always suprised how long it stays on. For not being a "long wearing" lipstick, it outruns everything else I have tried that isn't considered long wearing. You may have to reply once a night when you are out, but you won't look funny in between bathroom visits. Worth every penny. The lipstick goes on smooth and looks great.

So do yourself a favor, if you need a little retail therapy, add one of these lipsticks to your shopping list or find a Mary Kay consultant. I am a lipstick girl and have more than I will ever admit. And if you have a favorite lipstick, don't be afraid to share it in the comment sections. You can never have enough lipsticks! Right, Grandma?


OHmommy said...

That is so interesting. It makes a lot of sense.

Don Mills Diva said...

I love love love my lipstick. But I always use it with lipliner - it makes all the difference.

Stephanie said...

Weird, but I'm still wearing the same shade of lipstick by the same company I wore in high school and I won't say it's been almost 10 years ago. I just can't find many shades that look right on me! HELP!

Rhea said...

That's so funny about your grandma. And your lipstick idiosyncrasies.

And weird that lipstick sells are up. Who knew?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Indy! I work for Mary Kay and my sales director said our lipstick sales are up 40% since last year. So what you read must be true.

Jennifer said...

thansk for the info... i was wondering about the infalable color, i have wanted to try it, but wasn't sure... now i am going to look for a coupon and get some for myself!! :)

do you mind sharing what shade yours is?? i love the color!! :)


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