Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots of Energy

Do you remember some of you papers you wrote in college? Can you believe you wrote and believed some of the crap that you turned in? Sorry for the use of the word crap. I tried to come up with something a little better but my other choices were worse. Anyway, when I studied abroad, I wrote some papers about the development of gender. I really believed that it was environment or nurture that shaped a child's development and character. I never expected biology or nature to have so much to do with it. I would raise my children a certain way and that would be it. I knew it all. I was a career woman and I studied "Women's Studies." I am not sure I ever expected to have kids. I knew that I would never stay home with them. Never.

So here I am at home and my boys really make me earn my keep. They are all boy. They are constantly moving and chasing each other. They wrestle and come up with super hero scenarios. They love to tease each other and everything is a contest. Up and down the stairs. Fighting, yelling, running, chasing and teasing. That's all they do.

We had my beautiful niece's baptism on Sunday. At the luncheon afterwards, the boys (all of the boys not just mine) are running laps and laps around the house. One of my nieces was hanging with the boys and trying to keep up. The other girl, sitting in the corner with some tiny people and a house. Playing quietly.

We visited some friends for the weekend a few months ago. The kids created a small obstacle course and were jumping into piles of pillows to entertain themselves. All in all, they were good. They hardly argued or fought. I was telling her how happy and relieved I was that my boys were good during the visit. She looked at me a little funny and said "Whoa. That was good? I thought they had a lot of 'energy'." That is a nice way to say "wild." She has two little girls and when they get yelled out, I am always wondering what they were doing wrong. They seem like angels to me.

Everyone keeps telling me that this will all pay off when they are teenagers. I will not have teenage girls and hopefully none of the drama. I told a new mom I know to just keep repeating to yourself "This is just a phase. It will pass." I need to really believe it myself. Everyone also says that I will miss this time when they are older. I hear you. But, man. I could take a few days of a little less energy.

Don't let the tuxedos or smiles fool you. They have lots and lots of "energy."


Kat said...

I LOVE this post! I can REALLY relate. I really didn't believe boys were wired differently than girls. Then I had three boys. They. Are. Wired. Differently.

I can't tell you how many times people have told me that boys are so much easier to raise than girls. I swear those people don't have any boys. Or maybe just one. Or maybe not three so close in age. I don't know. But my sis has three girls and they are CAKE! Everytime I witness girls playing versus my boys I feel like I am dreaming. And I know there is the weird teenage thing that girls go through but I was really not that bad (you can ask my mom!), so I don't know that that makes me feel any better. ;)
Anyway, LOVE this post. I so get it.

Stephanie said...

energy doesn't equal bad! What handsome little boys you have!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, what a precious picture! I am always repeating to myself that "this is just a phase." My mom was just saying the other day how with boys (and she had 3 before me) you have to stay two steps ahead, but girls are harder to raise. (I think because of all the emotional crap and monthly cycles and boys emotionally hurting them.) Being raised with 3 older brothers, I learned to think more like a guy. Having two daughters has been a huge eye opener for me, but i wouldn't trade it for the world.

enthalpymama said...

I want to give them all sorts of slobbery kisses. You need to frame that picture for, I don't know, your minivan??? Awwwww.

Oh, and you are right about the nurture and nature stuff. You can get that parenting gig perfect up until you have a second kid. And, if that one doesn't put you in your place, you really should try a third . . . .

Nap Warden said...

Having one boy, and one girl, I see this every day. Miss Peach likes to play while The Little Man likes to run!
What a cute picture!

Jessica said...

Your boys are too cute!

Rhea said...

What an ADORABLE photo! They look so handsome all dressed up!

Boys are SO energetic, I agree. I see how quietly my nieces play, playing house or with their dolls. We don't have that calm playing in our household...or at least not for very long. They love to wrestle and run and shoot and throw.

Jennifer said...

I read your whole post... thinking... yep. yeah. oh, man she is totally right... okay is she writing this about my son...

All boy. Running. Jumping. Kicking. yelling. contest. RACES. noises. SUPER HEROS. loud. wild.




that is boys!! you are right. and girls are whiney and crying and FULL OF DRAMA... then if you have two little girls with an older BROTHER that they adore and want to be like... then you get a mixture of temper tantrums and super heros and fighting and yelling and pushing and racing and crying and screaming and dolls that jump off the couch and ponies and lipgloss!! lol

boys will be boys and i gotta tell ya... I used to stress about my ALL BOY boy's behavior... until I saw the other BOYS in his class at pre-school and realized... (wiping my brow with relief) that ALL (or at least MOST) boys are **full of energy** it was so comforting!! :)

and I also always say this too shall pass... I say it will all my children... and I also LOVE to call my friend that has 5 yr old triplet... yes TRIPLET boys up and see how their day is going... we sit and talk and try to hear one another over the noise our kids are making and we feel much better!! :)

and I agree with Kat... boys are wired differently... mostly my boy is just WIRED... period!! he is always doing something. :)

great post!! :)

AND when I got to the bottom of this awesome post... and saw those HANDSOME smiling adorable faces, I just couldn't stop smiling!! they are gorgeous!! :)


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