Monday, August 18, 2008

Finally Got My White Tent Wedding

For years, I have wanted a wedding reception with a big white tent. I have always been drawn to them. I would watch Father of the Bride and wish that my wedding reception would be just like Annie's. I remember asking my dad if I could have my reception in a tent. He barely thought about it. We live in Ohio. The weather is pretty unpredictable. There would be rain. It would be hot. We'd have to bring in everything. Tables. Chairs. Dance floor. How would food be prepared? How much would this cost? Bathrooms? Back to the weather. It would rain. Then what would we do? OK dad. You know better. I'm only 25. What do I know? I know that I have no money to help pay for this event. Sure Dad. Whatever you say. No tent. No biggie. Maybe I'll have a girl someday.

Finally, 10 years almost to the day. I went to my first wedding with a beautiful white tent. It was gorgeous. We were on the lake. There was a beautiful sunset. We sat by a fire and watched the sun set while a band played in the background in my tent. The bride even had fireworks. Can you believe that? Real. Loooooong. Fireworks. Who does that in real life? A girl with a big white tent or a daddy who will pay for both.

Guess what I learned during the fireworks? I swear I had a moment. It all doesn't matter. The tent doesn't matter. The fireworks do not matter. None of it does. It is all fluff. The money is spent and when it is all over, we have nice memories. But that's it. It has nothing at all to do with the marriage and the love. My dad was right. Let's keep it simple and classy. Let's not get too crazy, Indy. No white tent. You were right Dad. Let's have everyone there we love. Let's have it down the street from our country church. Let's make it fun. It was. Ten years later, I realize that it is more fun to attend a reception in a white tent that to plan one. Thank you, Dad.


Someone Being Me said...

I do have to say that I love Annie's reception in the tent. So pretty. The funny thing is that I don't remember much about my wedding or reception. It all went by too fast. My favorite memory of my wedding night is sitting on the balcony of our room at the bed and breakfast where we got married after everyone had left looking over the garden and the decorations.

Krystyn said...

Sooo true! I was never a frills girl, so I didn't want all of that. It's definitely not the wedding, it's the marriage.

Did you send this to your dad?

Clare said...

Oh Indy you look great!!! What a fun wedding. My wedding was in a white tent, super fun, but a huge headache to plan. Your dad was right:0

Jennifer said...

you are so right. all that matters at the wedding... well not all, but most important is the man you will be marrying and that he loves you to pieces and you the same with him. :)

i'm glad you are happy with your choices. :)

you and your hubby look great together!! great couple!! very handsome together as well... you look awesome in that dress!! :)


Anonymous said...

Yo! You look great in that dress! Awesome hair, too! ;o) ~KP

Genny said...

What great thoughs, Indy! I agree.

Take care,

enthalpymama said...

Aw, weddings. So nice. So beautiful. How can you not love it?

Jennifer said...

how very ironic... i was doing a search for awesome tent weddings and your site came up. lol

i loved this post when i read it the first time and was happy to see it again.

my friends just got engaged and are thinking of having an outdoor tent wedding. :)


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