Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marathon of Motherhood

I just wrote a post that was really good. I was so into it. It came easy. It came quick. I was ready to press save. Trouble is, it wasn't true. Ugh!

This morning, I had caught a clip of Chris Cuomo on Good Morning America talking about Jennifer Lopez running a triathlon in September. All morning I fumed about the brief commercial. I didn't see her interview until after I wrote my post. Thank goodness I watched it. In my original post, I blasted her for having nannies do all of the work while she trains for a triathlon. I blasted Chris Cuomo for cheering her on. What hope do normal moms have if we think we can train for a triathlon after having a baby? Twins?

Trouble is, she said she and her husband Marc Anthony didn't have a nanny for the first six months of their babies' lives. She has a nanny now but she only started last week. Man. Really? There goes my story. The triathlon is less than a month away. She said she trains at home. Her hubby created a bike with a computer so she can train near the babies. She works out about an hour a day. Darn.

I am impressed. I have always liked Jenny from the block. I love her spirit and her honesty. I guess I now like her athleticism. I just knew she could dance. She said she is doing this to raise money for a hospital and to lose the baby weight. Is there anything this woman cannot do? When my baby was six months old, I could barely get a shower. You Go, J. Lo!


Krystyn said...

I would have made the same assumptions you did. I'm glad you watched and could fill us in.

And, I still haven't figured out how to shower when my daughter is awake!

enthalpymama said...

I guess there are those that run triathalons and plenty of others who are in jail. Most of the rest of us are somewhere in the middle doing our best.

Clare said...

that is amazing! I would of totally thought the same thing! xo, Clare

American in Norway said...

Aww.. shucks, now I feel guilty about laying around blogging... I better get my butt of the couch & go for my walk.... Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

i would have agreed with you in your first post... and you know... i'm still a little shady on it all. ;)

but way to go J.Lo... seriously who wouldn't want to loose the baby fat and also raise money for a hospital. that is amazing. she is a very nice person. i haven't ever heard anything different and the same about Marc too. They live near us here in NY... about 30-40 mins away. She has shopped locally for things and always has been really pleasant. ;)

I guess she just has it all!! good husband, beautiful children, talent, beauty, MONEY, living the dream life and a GOOD person on top of it all. wow.


Jen said...

I've always liked her too. As far as the nanny thing, I'm not sure I'm totally buying it. Weren't there many reports of the huge staff she had to help her care for the twins when she brought them home? Were all those stories lies? There must have been some truth in it.

Either way, I don't have any problem with her training for a triathalon. That is a great example for her children. I wish I had it in me to train for this. Alas, I will just cheer her on and go back to watching tv and eating ice cream. :)

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