Monday, May 4, 2009

Camp Indy

I just realized that preschool ends in three weeks and kindergarten ends in four. Ugh. I love school and even the hectic running around that comes with it. It keeps me busy, gives me a schedule and makes me get dressed before 10 a.m. So, now that I realize summer is only weeks away, I am starting to plan. We do a lot of parks, picnics and zoo trips. But sometimes, you just need air conditioning and a break from the running. That's when I turn to the movie theatre.

Have you ever heard of movie theatres showing children's movies throughout the summer at a very inexpensive ticket price? All of the chains do it. Every week, they show children's movies that have been previously released. Ticket prices are about $1 per person and they are usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. And most have children's snack deals at this time. You can buy tickets, all of your kids goodies, feel like a wealthy mom and not even break a $10 bill. Even better, the movie theatre is full of moms, dads, babies and kids. Noise is expected and no one really cares. Go ahead and bring that toddler!

So here are some links to the national chains. I just printed out schedules for each of the local movie theatres in the area so I can plan on making it to some of them. Different chains show different movies so be sure to check around if you are looking for a special movie. My kids were dying to see Space Chimps. I. Was. Not. But, for $3, I can nap through that one with them.

Cinemark Summer Movie Clubhouse

Regal Cinema Family Film Festival

Showcase Cinemas

AMC Summer Movie Camp

Just visit the site, plug in your zip or state, and local theatres will pop up. And if I missed any chains, please be sure to let everyone know in your comments. We can get through the summer if we all work together. And with a big tub of popcorn, Goobers and a Coke, I know I will at least entertain myself until school starts again in August.


Kat said...

That is the COOLEST! I wonder if Marcus Cinemas does that. That is the only chain theater we have around here. Hmmm. Perfect for rainy summer days.
I'll look into it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

We did this LOADS last summer and it was always a hit!

Perfect for calling up the gaggle of girls and meeting out for an impromptu movie!

(Plus, most of them either SERVE coffee or let you bring in your own!)

MIT Mommy said...

OMG - I've noticed the same thing. Except, with the furloughs my husband has been 'getting' we are taking some looooong vacations and now camp MIT Mommy is going on the road. Of course, it is going to wreak havoc on my blogging, but I read your last post too =).

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