Friday, December 25, 2009

Only 364 More Days

On Facebook, I almost wrote that I barely pulled it together this year for Christmas. I deleted it. Who wants to read about that on Christmas Day on Facebook? Everyone else is writing warm wishes, posting cute pictures and bragging about their new presents.

As a mom, I am just happy to be given a second chance at getting my act together. I swear that next year I will do it all better. Most years I do. This year, I was a mess. I always wonder why at Halloween I don't start getting everything ready for Christmas. This year in October, I paid attention. I WAS BUSY DOING HALLOWEEN STUFF! That's why I can't start early. I am a busy mom each and every week of the year.

It wasn't a perfect Christmas. The stockings weren't so great. I was pretty disappointed in my collection of items for them. The presents were pretty good. Nothing too exciting and no one was disappointed. I just felt a week behind all month and was in a constant state of chaos.

Now before you get all excited and start writing comments about how it is OK that I am a mess, I hear you. LOUD AND CLEAR. I totally get it. Just need to Talk About It and Say It.

I will be as bold as to say I am glad it is over. I survived the first year since my mom passed away. I survived another newborn. I survived. That's not how I like to live and I love Christmas. But, I am a mess. I look forward to cleaning it all up and starting fresh in 2010. That's not me either. This Christmas isn't me. And I look forward to next year and getting my spirit right. My heart will find Christmas next year. I am looking forward to it.


Stephanie said...

Girl..I feel ya!
Like you say...364 more days to get get it together!
Merry Christmas anyways!
Heres to a great 2010!!!

R.L.Scovens said...

Our Christmas wasn't what it was supposed to be either. This is the last one that will be this way!

amyjr said...

It is okay to be a mess. We all are in some way shape or form.
My new years resolution is to get rid of the "clutter" in my house, closet and everything else, so maybe hopefully the holidays and everything else will be a little smoother.
We love you regardless of the mess and I am absolutely sure your husband and children will agree...because they love you:-D
Live in the Moment!

Anonymous said...

well said "amyir", we are all truly "a mess in some way, shape, or form" and what we don't often think about (and not very consoling I realize) is that "it can always be worse"...

My wish for you is to "enjoy this day and every day"...a wish for all of "we're not guaranteed tomorrow..."

Flea said...

This whole year has been a tough one. Next year will be different. And every year with kids gets a little tougher, but also better. Just know that going in.

Miss E said...

Amen! This year was tough. And I've often felt like a mess, too. But we're (almost) through it. And we have a brand new one to look forward to. Here's to a calm, happy, peaceful 2010.

MIT Mommy said...

Congratulations! We all survived.

Anonymous said...

This holiday seemed like an odd one. I had trouble getting in the zone for it, and I actually had most of my shopping done in November. It was sort of like I felt obsessed with sharing with the kids more about family, Jesus and being thankful this year. Not bad things to focus on, I guess. I think the older I get the more I am beginning to value things.


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