Thursday, December 31, 2009

T & A

Dear Body,

Not sure if you realized but the baby is long gone from my body. Yep. It has been over five months now. You can let go now. I don't need these boobs or hips. I don't need the wide shoulders for childbirth. All done. See you later. Move along.

Not sure if you realized but I have been working out. I have even been running. Yeah, I know it was shocking to you. Joining Weight Watchers is helping but I just wanted to remind you that you can let go of the fat now. I am not breast feeding so I don't need it anymore.

I know I packed it on for my pregnancy. The chocolate chip ice cream was so good with all of the extra peanut butter I ate every night for a snack. I really enjoyed myself. I don't regret it all. It was my last pregnancy and it was a tough one. It was the one of the benefits of carrying this child.

Tomorrow is a big day in the world. A lot of people will be resolving to lose weight and eat healthy. I don't need to write that down on my resolution list. I have been working on it for months now.

Just wanted to remind you to let it all go. I miss my old clothes. I have even received new ones that I can't squeeze the boobs into. A friend of mine reminded me of the old "nine months on and nine months off. " So easy to say when you are done having babies and wearing your small jeans. When you are still 35 lbs overweight, it is painfully slow and frustrating. Getting dressed is a nightmare!

Consider this a friendly reminder that we are heading into month 6 now.

Faithfully yours,

P.S. The zits can stop too. I am 38 years old.


Jessica said...

I felt the same way about zits at 21! Body, you better get into butt slimming gear for Indy!

Flea said...

Hey! Is that all that's needed? I need to write my body a letter about letting go of that baby fat, then. My youngest is 12.

amyjr said...

Dear Indy's body,
She has been working really hard and you just have to let her go. She has been amazing on WW and running..her friends are in awe so as her friend..let it go NOW...she deserves it.
amy's body who is now realizing what being over 40 feels like to try to lose weight and tries not to let the creeks of old bones scare her too much.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. It is frustrating, but your hard work will pay off. Get ready for Vegas in April! Larla :)

McMommy said...

Dear my body,
DITTO WHAT INDY SAID!!!! Except for the boob part. (I need all the help I can get there.)

MIT Mommy said...

I'm glad I'm not the one who said nine months on, nine months off - or maybe I should WISH I was, since apparently she is wearing skinny jeans. Hmmm.

Anyway, should have thanked you long ago for the pre-Christmas clandestine drop-off. It was well received and the Elves thank you too. =)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work! ~Aldee

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