Sunday, July 26, 2009

Drum Roll Please...She's Here

She is here and she is beautiful. What mother doesn't think her babies are beautfiful? You will have to trust me here people. I am still in the hospital with no pics of her just yet to upload. They are on my camera but I have none downloaded.

Elle Morgan was born on Friday with a planned c-section. Everything went better than expected for the surgery. I was able to communicate and was more "with it" than with my first two. The whole experience was surreal. We both could not believe we were having another baby. We still are a little shocked. And she's a girl. Good thing we found out a little early because it is still sinking in. I have called her "he" countless times.

On the day Elle was born, our hospital was having a baby boom. There so many babies that c-section people did not get assigned rooms until late in the day. And then when I was assigned a room, it was a small room with a roommate. C-section people usually have their babies sleep in the nursery because you can't move for the first day. They bring the baby to you as needed. But, there were so many babies in the nursery that nurses recommended that Elle stay with me so she could rest. So, all four of us were in a tiny room for the night.

On the next day, I was reassigned to a single room. It is AWESOME! The nurse said it is the VIP room for local celebrities. They must have heard about Indy the blogger from Cleveland! LOL. So now, I am writing comfortably in my VIP room with Elle snoozing in her little bed. My recovery from the c-section is going well and every day, I feel stronger and in less pain.

So welcome little Elle. Mommy is so excited to get to know you. To smell you. To hold you. To cradle you. To feed you. To touch your tootsies. To stroke your soft face. And to even clean the poopie diapers. It is all so sweet. Little Ellie, your mama loves you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Loose Ends

The calls have started. The Facebook messages have started. My labor has not.

We are now in the home stretch here. I'm getting to the point in the pregnancy when I am done. Since I have done this two times before, I know the work involved with the next chapter. I know it is easier in than out. I am just physically DONE.

My scheduled c-section is next Friday, the 24th. I am a little nervous. When it was an emergency c-section, everything moves so fast that you have not a moment to spare or time to think. When you are scheduled for one, you literally walk into the operating room. Walk. Really. They wheel you to your car after the birth but before you go into major surgery, you walk. My legs were pretty shaky walking in last time. I am pretty tough but I remember almost throwing up from nerves the last time I did this. Getting a spinal is also a little different than when you are in labor. You are in no pain, no contractions and you have to have a needle put through your spine. It is a pain I will never forget.

All this aside, since I have had two boys before, I can't wait to see what our little girl will look like. I can't even imagine. I feel so blessed and cannot wait to see her. When Ryan was born, his personality is similar to what it is now. He needs affection but doesn't seek it out. Kyle on the other hand was so lovey in the hospital. He curled into me and couldn't get enough. He is just that way now. So, I can't wait to have quiet time in the hospital with my little girl and get to know her. I cherish the time when no nurses come in, there are no visitors, it is just the baby and me getting to know one another.

Today is probably my last OB appointment. Wow! So far, I have not been dilated, effaced or anything. The baby is high near my lungs and also breech. So, we'll see what the doc has to say.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys found my boys today at the creek.

I took my kids to a nearby stream and walkway for a day outdoors. We packed a lunch and as every good suburban mom knows, you pack sunscreen. I even remembered water so I was so proud of myself.

As we walked to the stream, three rough and tumble kids found my kids. I took our lunch to the table and by the time I turned around, one of the boys had my five year old near an opening to the stream and the other had my older son into a thick brush near fast moving water. Panic is the only word I can find to use. I quickly saved each child and explained that I would not want to go swimming at nine months pregnant into this fast moving stream of water.

The Lost Boys would not get lost.

They then hung out with us as we looked for frogs and turtles. They started climbing on the outside of the water lookout and we were ready to fall into the water. Again, I tried to explain how as the only adult here, I would have to jump in and save them if they fell. I needed a way to lose the Lost Boys.

The only problem, my boys LOVED the Lost Boys.

They were wild.
They were cool.
They had no mom trying to put suncreen on them.
They didn't tie their shoes.
Their mom was at home.
They did whatever they want.
They caught cool animals and took them home.
They looked for adventure.
They knew where everything was in this park.
They knew everything.

Mom did not.

I didn't know what to do. I am always yelling at them to get outdoors. Meet friends. Play. But when they did and I couldn't control the situation, I nearly lost it.

Two hours at the park today really challenged me and how my kids are raised. The Lost Boys were very different from my boys. The whole time I am thinking "Where is their mother?" I was judging. Anyone could have taken these kids and no one would have a clue. They live nearby. They said they come here all the time. I am sure, alone. I realized how overprotective I am. Our parents growing up would have been at a stream like the boys today, all alone. They were probably more normal than my boys. My boys are so pampered. The boys reminded me of Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer. So ready for an adventure. My boys can barely find adventure in our backyard. I don't know what the answer is. Times are different and we really watch out for every possible danger for our children. Is it a good thing? I don't know. What are they missing? They are safe but at what cost? I just don't know.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baby, Could You Come Tonight?

Dear Baby,

Would you mind coming a little early? I kept your brothers up way passed their bedtime. They are going to be awful tomorrow. So, so tired. I would rather have my stomach cut open and go through surgery tomorrow than deal with your brothers. Daddy is busy tomorrow so I will have to take care of them all day. I don't have much energy left so I wouldn't mind recovering in a hospital all day tomorrow. So, if you wouldn't mind coming two weeks early, that would be great. Looking forward to meeting you! Any idea on a name you'd like? We don't know either! See you soon- good luck!

I love you!


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Squeeze Those Cheeks

A few weeks ago we were driving down to Cincinnati to visit some friends. We passed a rest stop and I made the usual announcement "Rest stop coming up. Who needs to go? We won't be stopping again so if you need to go, you need to tell me now." You know how this story ends. Of course I have no takers and no one needs to go the restroom.

One mile later...

"Mom, I need to poop." No. We had just passed the rest stop one second to hearing it.

So now, we are in the middle of nowhere with the next rest stop 45 miles away.

I start looking for McDonalds.


Miles pass. Kyle is squirming. He starts yelling. We start yelling back.

"Squeeze your cheeks. You can hold it! You can do it Kyle. We will find a place. Keep squeezing Kyle! Keep Squeezing Kyle."

We spy a Target. I have never been so happy to see a Target! We pull in and I jump out to pull him out of the van ASAP.

As I open the sliding door, I see Kyle squeezing his face and his cheeks as hard as he can.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Warning: Talking Nipples Here People

As the due date approaches, I find myself freaking out. This is my third time around the block. You'd think I would be a pro. I don't feel like one. If my babies were born in the old days without formula and we weren't rich enough to have a wet nurse, my babies would have died. I am awful at breast feeding. We're not talking that I just haven't mastered the skill, we are talking awful. My parts just aren't made like the normal woman. Without sharing too much, let's just say that I didn't realize that bottles and binkies were made to look like nipples. When I saw my first nipples of breast feeding woman I almost gasped in front of my breast feeding class. I had no idea that they were "normal" and I was not.

When I met my first lactation consultant, she looked at one breast and said let's see the other. Both were so bad that she just picked one to try. They all met me, looked at the goods and just tried to calm me down. It wasn't going to be easy and they knew it.

I tried really, really hard with Ryan. I even pumped for months to make sure he had breast milk. With Kyle, I didn't do as well. We didn't know it then but Kyle had a very week tongue that would cause many other feeding problems later as he moved onto solid foods. So, I tried to breast feed, pump and take care of Ryan, 19 months at the time. My husband begged me to stop pumping and to give in. I did and felt so relieved.

So now with Baby Noname, I have been wrestling with the whole issue. I know how good it is for the baby and for me. It also saves so much money and wouldn't that be great? This is also my last chance at getting it right.

I will give it another shot. I'll drive all of the nurses and lactation consultants crazy like I did the last time. Who knows, maybe Baby Noname will be a pro. She'll latch on and go to town. I am hoping. I will try again and give it my all. That's all I can do.

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Bear"ly News

Stork Watch: Still pregnant. Bigger than ever. Still no name. Done with it.

My husband found this a few days ago. If you open it, you will laugh your butt off and have something to show your significant other. If you choose not to, you are missing out. I wouldn't write about it if it wasn't one of the funniest, most pathetic news report I have ever seen. Fox 8 Cleveland should be ashamed. I feel for the poor intern. Now please, take the two minutes to watch. Seriously, it is that funny.

Click here for the one of the funniest things you have seen in a long time. Don't miss the bear going up the tree.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Love the Cravings

I love to eat. I NEVER miss a meal. Ever. One of my dear friends always says she forgets to eat. I don't understand at all. It is like breathing. I could never forget or get too busy. Ever.

A benefit to being pregnant is eating. I am not one to even worry a tiny bit about how much I have gained. I will lose it. I gained and lost it all before. I'll do it again.

So, what have I enjoyed the most? (Health freaks, please just stop reading now. Or get ready to feel superior. This isn't pretty.)

My biggest breakfast cravings have been:

Lucky Charms (I have bought boxes and boxes)

Pop Tarts

Raisin Bran


Taco Bell

or eggs (I have no idea where this comes from)

Not loving dinner or real food. Went through a salad phase. So unlike me. More into chicken than beef. Can't do any seafood.


Due to horrible heartburn, I can't eat much peanut butter at night. So, I have switched to a Klondike bar every night for a snack. Yes, I am going to miss this once I have the baby and have to cut it out.

My cravings have been completely different than when I was pregnant with my two boys. I could have guessed that I was having a girl. For those of you who have had children, what do you crave? Did you crave different things with each child? For my readers without kiddos, when you PMS, any cravings?
Bon appetit, readers!

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...