Friday, September 25, 2009

Shut Up

When Ted Kennedy passed away, I remember a Republican senator saying that when he once called Ted in the hospital, Ted immediately asked him how his sick grandson was doing. The senator said that Ted was always like that, asking how others were doing instead of talking about himself.

I wish I was more like that. Often times when I am talking to people, I am thinking of my experience and how it relates. Instead of being 100% there, I am in my own little world. In graduate school, my advisor would give me 100% of her attention. She was so attentive that I was distracted. I kept thinking "How does she do this?" She was a young mother of small children. And now that I have my own and I am so tired, I really admire that she was full time faculty, finishing her Ph.D., had children and cared what I had to say every week.

We all know bad listeners. The person that talk AT you not with you. The person that has to "one-up" you every time she talks to you. The person that talks too much and doesn't give others the chance to talk. The person that cuts you off mid-sentence. I do that to a good friend of mine every time we talk. I know I do it. I try not to. I am not sure why I do it to her more than to other friends. Maybe her stories are long. I don't know. I am working on keeping my mouth shut.

In Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth, he talks about being present with others. Be with them when they speak. Be in the moment. It is my new goal. I will ask more questions and be engaged. I will talk less. I will be present. It is definitely a skill that I was born without. But one skill that I must learn.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wild Thing

I am good. I can procrastinate like no one I know. I fine tuned this skill in college. Who knew I would get so much use out of it as a stay at home mom. My latest project of procrastination? Baby gift thank you notes. Friends, if you are wondering where yours is, here is my REAL list of what I have done so I wouldn't have to finish this project.

Watched Dancing With the Stars It was pretty bad. What's up with Tom DeLay? So embarrassing.

I read an article in Oprah about crock pot cooking. Good article but only one recipe included. They got me all excited with nothing to do with it.

Googled my name and my maiden name. Who knew? A stripper and Target VP share my names.

Googled old friends who aren't on Facebook yet. What are they waiting for? Where are they? Are they looking for me?

Vacuumed my bedroom. It was bad. We had they baby two months ago. When I attempted sit-ups the other day, I couldn't believe how gross my floor was.

Organized my closet and got rid of as much maternity clothes as I could. So wish the jeans, underwear and a few shirts could have been packed away. Still working on the weight.

Ordered stamps from the post office website. It took tons of time because I can never remember my password and user name. Had to sign up again. Then I started looking at other websites from this site.

Checked Facebook a million times a day. Really. I know I am addicted. I had to use FB as a reward to bribe myself to finish the thank you cards. For every five finished, I could check FB.

So, two months later, there is a pile of thank you cards on my island in my kitchen. I am almost done. I have a few addresses that I have to find. It feels good to almost be done. Instead of writing a post about procrastination, I should be completing my thank you note project. But then, I wouldn't have a chance to watch the Tom Delay "Wild Thing" on Youtube that I just I go again.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Third Time is a Charm

I am the third child. My name is Elle. I am seven weeks old. I am so different from my brothers. Today was the perfect example. Let me show you how. My words are in red. My brothers' are in blue.

I went to the OB today with mom.
I stayed with Grandma and was held the whole time.

I cried at the OB so the doc picked me up and gave me to my mom while she was having an internal exam. Yes, she held me while scooting down the exam table.
I have never been to the OB.

My mom only brought enough formula for one bottle and didn't even check the number of diapers in the diaper bag.
Mom always had plenty of food and diapers when I was a baby.

Mom keeps switching formula brands to save money. Bought the Target brand today.
Mom was too afraid because I was always fussy regardless of the type or brand.

At the doctor's office for me today, mom only had a newborn diaper in her bag. I haven't worn those in weeks. She could barely close the diaper in front of the nurse.
Mom never tried this with me.

I am sitting in the hallway asleep in my car seat right now. Mom must be in heaven. I can hear my brothers running by my car seat but I don't care. I just keep sleeping.
I like a quiet house.

Mom and Dad are both first born children. They find it fascinating how different three children can be. I can't wait to show them how patient and flexible I can be. I will know how to share. I will be a team player. And I will be tough. Boys, consider this your warning.

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...