Monday, March 22, 2010

Sorry Tiger

Just popping it to make a comment. Saw that Tiger Woods is starting his come back. Sorry Tiger. It isn't going to work. We've heard it all before. And we don't really care anymore. Your story is old. You are a dog and we are pretty much tired of dogs. John Edwards has already worn us out.

So Tiger, just golf. Stop the PR stuff for now. We're tired and we are not buying it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Big Job

My house is falling apart around me. I struggle to keep up daily. Elle is at a tough age where when I put her down, she wants to be held. I forgot how bad this stage is. Two days ago I said (whined) to my husband "WhoEVER said to enjoy this baby stage clearly forgets how hard it is." I know I forgot. And it has only been five years. I am already looking forward to kindergarten. (Please spare me the sermons about enjoying every minute. I know. I know.)

I've written about my weight loss here on my blog. I devote a lot of energy into working out, planning healthy meals and snacks and tracking my progress. I was relieved the other day to hear someone say it is similar to a part-time job. I feel like it is. Every night when I used to straighten the house and check my email, I am instead on the treadmill and lifting weights. Good for my body but not so good for getting to my "to do" list.

But what do I do every week? I look for a job. I don't know why I do it. I think I like to make sure this is the right choice. I worked at a university and college in administration. So, weekly, I check the local colleges to make sure they don't need me.

I have a big job here. I am barely keeping up. So, I don't send in the resumes. I come back to reality and realize how much harder it would be to work. And I go back to moving Elle to whatever room I am trying to clean up. We sing. We make noises and we make it work. It is a big, big job. My plate is full. And I am sure I will miss this someday.

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...