Friday, February 25, 2011

Armadillos, John Glenn & Tiger Woods

My boys are 8 and almost 7. Both have been assigned reports in the past few weeks. They are pretty simple projects. At least they look simple when I read the information sheet.

For the armadillo report, we had to create as a family (code word: parent) an armadillo. Can you imagine what this would look like if I let Kyle create it on his own? I should have. I Googled armadillo art projects (yes, you can find everything on the web) and found one that I could get started and he could make his own. I definitely let him do the work once we had the bare creature created.

The John Glenn report will be done this weekend. I am not sure if there is enough strength in my body to get to it on a snow day. But, the baby is asleep, the boys keep fighting and I need to keep Kyle busy. He has trouble staying focused so I am sure the five sentences we need to write will take at least an hour and some chocolate for mommy.

Tiger Woods was done last week. Ryan did an excellent job on it. He didn't read the book I bought him, he went straight to the internet. I was a little worried about what he'd find out about Tiger so I warned him ahead of time. Ry didn't really care, he just needed to find the answers to write his simple report.

Kids this age are not ready to really write reports. I have to keep reminding me that it is the PROCESS not the actual report they are doing. I get super frustrated that most of the school projects feel like parent projects. I completed my Masters. I will not be doing extra credit in primary school for my children. I feel that the teachers really expect too much out of children on these reports. If you walk down the hall and look at the animal report exhibits, they are amazing. Children are not completing the assignment. Their parents are.

I think a better requirement for the reports would be to keep them simple and let the children draw a picture. If a child has trouble reading about a subject, how is it possible for them to internalize and communicate about the subject on paper. It is impossible at this age. But, it is required. My children are bright and are good readers. So, it will get done.

As I work on these projects, or I should say, work with my children on these projects, I often wonder about the parents who are barely getting by. I often feel that I am barely getting by but what about the parents that are working two jobs, grandma is raising Johnny or dad is drinking? Is it fair to these children? I guess it isn't in all respects.

So, now I will shut down my computer and look up some info on John Glenn for Kyle. We will sit at the kitchen table. I will make a cup of tea and find a snack to keep me busy. And I will help Kyle figure out what he can share with the class about Mr. Glenn. And I will be grateful that I am not the one that had to create the pinewood derby cars for Boy Scouts. My poor husband! Another family project that took every bone in our bodies this week.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We went away last weekend to visit friends in Cincinnati. I find it difficult on the best of days to pack up the kids and myself for any sort of trip or night away. Lots of pieces to put together and I always over pack but yet forget something. Don't we all?
So, as we drove away from our fair city, I realized that I left my glasses. I was wearing contacts so I didn't turn around even though my husband nearly begged me. I should have listened. It was my first sign that I was going to be in trouble.

Once we got ready for bed, I realized that not only did I leave my glasses, I left my entire bag of toiletries. Ugh. No, not the worst thing in the world. At least I remembered diapers and extra binkies for the toddler but still a pain in the neck.

I borrowed what I could from my husband and host. Felt pretty icky and ugly. So, after suffering through lunch with a greasy face from my host's make-up for dry skin (I am as oily as a teenager) I snuck off to CVS and spent a fortune on my bare essentials.
So why I am I telling this pretty lame story? I found a great, cheap buy at CVS. Wet & Wild lipstick! It was only $1 and it is fantastic. Yes, fantastic! It has a nice feel to it and I really like the color. And once the main color wears off, it leaves a nice tint. I am was in shock. I am almost embarrassed to say I own something from Wet & Wild. But I will try out their other colors and see what I can find. Shocker. So go ahead and pamper yourself. At only $1, you can try them all.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Don't Call it a Comeback

A few weeks ago, I tried to think of what made me happy and satisfied. The real stuff that makes me happy. Not the superficial stuff that makes me happy for a hour like a new lipstick. But, what makes my life feel more complete. So I made a list of stuff I needed to do. On this list was to make more of an effort to get together with friends. So, I called together my girlfriends for a wine night. And then I said yes to another girl friend that wanted us to all get together for dinner. My calendar started to fill up, I was getting out and I am feeling very happy.

Last night at dinner with friends, my old blog came up. I was encouraged to keep writing. When you write, you assume no one really is reading or caring if you do. So instead, I have exercised at night instead of writing and have been completely obsessed by Bejeweled. (A Facebook game or an app that you can download. Beware: You will be unable to function if you download it and get even a tiny bit good at it. If you are competitive, you will spend hours trying to beat your friends and relatives.)

So, I am attempting a come back here. No major promises. I will just see how it goes. With Elle, I am still finding it extremely difficult to keep up. As I write, two basket full of clothes sit in my hallway and I have a sink full of dishes (and a broken dishwasher). But, one of my friends says you make time for things that are important to you. I guess I can squeeze a few minutes in on my main computer to write and put the iPad down for Bejeweled. And if you start playing, I will see you on main score page and I hope to beat you.

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...