Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Never Too Late

I never got around to sending an acquaintance a sympathy card when her sister passed away. We don't really know each other well. We're more Facebook friends. But every time she posts on FB, I feel bad. At the time, I knew she'd get a million cards. I didn't think it mattered. But, I have been on the other side of this. It matters. It all matters.

At my mom's funeral, a friend came. She also came to the calling hours. We weren't the closest friends. So, it was a big deal. And it was a long drive to my home town. Every time I see her, I think "Wow. She came to my mom's funeral." Every time I see her I think about it. I have thanked her a gazillion times for coming. Now, it just gets embarrassing. But she will never know how much it meant to me. You don't realize how much it all means until you are are in the midst of a family crisis and are hoping someone can help you along the journey.

Another friend lost her mother-in-law last week. The card sits in the kitchen. I know I must write it out and send it. One thing I learned from losing my mom is that it is never too late to send a sympathy card. People grieve much longer than people think. So a late card is appreciated. It means that someone remembers that they are still struggling to work through their grief.

So if you ever forget to reach out, know that the person grieves every day. Over time, it gets easier. But, a card is always appreciated whether it be days, months or ever a year later. Their loved one is always missed and any chance to hear someone aknowledge that makes the journey a little easier. I am going to send my FB friend a card. It has been months and months since she lost her loved one. But, I know she is still grieving and it is never too late.

If you are wondering why there is a rose on this page, it is for my mom. She loved roses and gardens. When I saw it, I thought of her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Disney Warm-up

Road trips do not come easy to us. Elle might be the world's worst traveler. For those of you who have kids that travel easy, you might consider yourselves an expert. You might think you have exposed your child to more experiences and so you've won this contest. I am here to tell you, she just isn't a good traveler. Baby has been to Mexico and Canada but she can't stand to drive to Solon.

We set off for PA last weekend in search of a boy band and a chocolate bar. We had the best time! It was tough. We were exhausted but it was a good old fashioned family road trip. Complete with sandwiches on the way to get to Hershey before midnight. We had snacks galore and tons of movies to watch thanks to my friends who lent me some videos for Elle.

We spent a good day at Hershey with a cute little ride that explains how they make chocolate. The ride is free and comes with a little treat at the end. Kids loved this. We also got totally sucked into their gift shop. We spend a gazillion dollars on a t-shirt, candy and even presents for their teachers. We loved it! We also went to the amusement park. It isn't Cedar Point but it is a good old fashioned park with a great water park included in the price.

Sunday was the Allentown fair. Once again, a good old fashioned fair with rides, food and circus freaks. We rode and ate before the concert. Great time for the kiddos and us. Elle enjoyed the farm animals and it was a great summer night. Big Time Rush was also that night and honestly, I might have enjoyed it more than them. I just loved that they got to see a "real" band. Hot Chelle Ray opened and as parents, we loved seeing a real band play a hit song from the radio (song Tonight, Tonight).

Our trip gave us an insight into whether Elle is ready for Disney or not. I am leaning towards waiting another year but I don't think I will win this battle. She loves Princesses but isn't a big fan of rides. A lot can change in a year but we'll see. That would require that we get back into our van for a very long road trip. Wrappers, old Capri Suns and a weird smell all occupy my Chevy Traverse. I won't be putting a deposit down on Disney any time soon.

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