Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What is Today?

I am behind. I spent all of yesterday thinking it was the 24th. This is a problem because Ryan is turning 7 today on the 26th!

Everyone keeps asking how we are doing with baby #3. I would say we are doing as well as possible. A newborn is hard. Elle is a good baby. A good newborn is hard. And that's OK. We signed up for it and expected it. We are just behind. A lot.

I don't have time to finish much. I am concentrating on the important stuff like clean socks and underwear for the boys. I read a lot of blogs and things on the computer as I wait for Elle to sleep after a bottle. But, I can't write very well with one hand. So, my blog sits. And sits. And I then get distracted. And by the time she is asleep for the "night" I am too tired to write anything other than something on Facebook.

And school started last week so we are getting used to a new schedule, homework and sports on top of it all. We are running in and out and throwing everything all over the house. I sometimes wish that the boys could drive themselves to karate or soccer. What will become of my mind as I sit and watch them over and over again? Only 9 more years until Ryan can drive himself to soccer. (I know. I know. Big kid, big problems. I am just dreaming here).

So, as I sit, I can hear Elle grunting and making sweet baby noises. She is ready for me to wrap this up. We are off to meet the boys off of the bus. Every older woman I have ever met has to told me to cherish these days. I do. I do. But boy am I tired. Let this blog be a reminder that I did my best to cherish the days and maintain my sanity. I am trying. I'll be back when I catch my breath again.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Smell Funny

I was running late to the pediatrician when I noticed that I had cabbage sticking out of my tank top. My cuppeth runneth over.

I also smell funny.

Before I left, I put on a little perfume and used some smelly Aveda hair stuff so maybe the doctor wouldn't smell the cabbage rotting in my bra as she entered the small examination room.

If you have tried to stop breastfeeding, you know what I am talking about.

If you haven't, you probably think I am a weirdo.

Somehow, women through the ages have figured out that if you put cabbage leaves near your breasts that you will not feel pain as you wean yourself/child away from breastfeeding. (Go ahead and google this. I checked today to understand the science behind it. Pretty cool.) You can't just quit. It will kill you. It is best to do it slowly.

Or have your husband pick up cabbage. That's what I am doing. I am having trouble managing the baby, the house, kids activities and pumping. So, in a breakdown yesterday, I decided that I was done. I just can't do it anymore.

So, as I picked up Elle to run into her check-up, I noticed that I had cabbage falling out of my bra. I also didn't want to smell like rotting cabbage so I quickly picked it all out and threw it into my van (to be reused on the way home). I wondered if the Cleveland Clinic had cameras in the parking lot and if some guard was laughing at me. But, I didn't care. The GIRLS were hurting and cabbage is my best friend right now.

See the stuff you learn here at this blog? Yesterday, prostitutes. Today, cabbage for sore GIRLS. What will we learn about tomorrow? You never know.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Cemeteries & Prostitutes

We have a weird tradition in our family. My dad makes us go to all of our family's cemeteries one Sunday every year for Father's Day. We call it Cemetery Sunday.

It sounds awful but it isn't really. As a teenager it was painful. But, with three kids at home, a day away with my sisters and dad is a good day, no matter what we are doing. We pack a cooler, a picnic and bring a camera. Each year, we take the same path through Ohio and down to West Virginia. We hear the same stories and try to understand how many "greats" each person is to us and how they are related. In between each cemetery, we catch up and share stories.

This year, we had to postpone our trip in June. I was pregnant and didn't want to bear a child in West Virginia and my dad was recovering from an outpatient surgery. So on Sunday, we packed ourselves into my Dad's little car and headed all around Ohio to visit our dead relatives. Our trip included my mom this time and it was just hard to believe that she is included on our Cemetery Sunday.

We finished our tour in West Virginia and noticed that our air conditioning wasn't working in our car. It was a HOT day in Ohio on Sunday. It was at least 93 degrees with extreme humidity. We headed over the bridge into Ohio and then the dummy lights started going off and on. Oh no! Our car was breaking down just by the Ohio River. We barely made it into town.

We called AAA and we sat and waited on a bench in the deserted sleepy town. Pick-up trucks passed us and we had a lot of people looking at us. We didn't look we came from the town and we thought they noticed. A couple of police cars came by too and caught our attention.

We took some pictures, called our aunt to pick us up and waited for the tow truck. Luckily, it came within fifteen minutes. What service! We were thrilled. We broke down next to a AAA office and they even let us wait for our aunt to pick us up inside in the air conditioning.

And you will never believe why everyone was staring at us waiting on the park bench in the middle of the city.The tow truck driver let my dad in on a little secret. The bench where we waited for the tow is where the city's prostitutes sit!!!

Cemetery Sunday will never be the same! What a memory. Our car! The bench! Prostitutes!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stick To Jewelry

I took Elle to her first art show today. Usually I find cool jewelry at art shows but today, I bought my first girlie thing for Elle. I bought her a cute little hat. I just love it.

Throughout the day, women peeked into the stroller. I loved hearing their amazement. "Look at the small baby." "It must be a newborn." "Oh, she is so tiny." Some women were brave enough to ask how old she was.

I found that the older the woman, the more she was amazed that the baby was out. I heard an earful today from women that didn't feel that a newborn should be in public so young. I tried to reassure them that she has my antibodies and that she was safe in the carseat/stroller. A relative that shall remain nameless said that my mother would be upset that I had her out in public. I had to laugh- my mom would have not cared at all! My mom loved this art show and she would have loved strolling around showing Elle to friends.

Younger woman were amazed that I was out and about after a c-section. I tried to explain that my mental health depended on me getting out of the house and being with people. I can't drive for another week so I am was extremely grateful for my family for helping me get to and from the show.

I wonder what will annoy me with the younger generation when I am an old woman. What do we do today that will be considered old fashioned or not medically current? Will I be able to bite my tongue and not shower the younger generation with my opinions? Considering that I have a blog and share my opinions every few days or so about life, I doubt I will be able to keep my mouth shut. I just hope that when I am old woman attending an art show with my sisters that I just tell them and not mention it to the younger woman. I hope I can remember today and wish the mother well. My sisters and I will chat, eat lunch and people watch. And look for very cool jewelry.

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...