Friday, October 29, 2010

It Gets Better

I love that so many people are speaking out in this country. We have celebrities like Ellen, Anderson Cooper and so many more making statements against bullying. Regular people are also speaking out. I found this clip today and I just love it. I hope you will too. Spread the word. Beautiful like a Rainbow.

Visit this link to watch a video clip that will make your heart smile and cry all at the same time.

Watch for more than the first minute! I love when everyone joins in at the end.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Something Different

Time with little children can go painfully slow on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. We like to get out of the house and do something. For us, it is having lunch or dinner out. We eat out quite a bit for a family with three kids. I have had enough of the usual. I used to like bar food. But after 8 years of taking the kids to a fast, noisy kind of restaurant, I am getting tired of it.

Recently, we had a friend in from Cinci. He is the person that got us saying "I am not talking about it, I am just saying." We took a gamble and decided to try a newer restaurant. I am so glad that we did. You MUST visit Brewsters in Twinsburg.

When we first moved here, they were located next to Giant Eagle and it was called Arabica. Then, they changed their name. They then moved next to Gander Mountain down by the China Buffet and the highway. They took the Beef O'Brady restaurant and made it cozy with booths and better decor.

Why is it worth the trip (especially for you Solon people who don't like to drive ten minutes South into Twinsburg)? Their food is amazing. They take bar food and they kick it up a notch (or three notches). I was so shocked that I think my husband wanted to tell me to quit talking about how surprised I was. I ordered the turkey pesto panini and the chili combo. Awesome. The kids loved their food. Husband loved the sports on the TV's and our guest loved the beer. This past weekend, I saw on Twitter (You can follow them to see their specials) that they had a Browns burger, fries and beer combo during the Browns game for $5.00. Got to love Twinsburg prices.

The quality of the food is fantastic. And for all of you party animals, they have music on the weekends and great prices on wine and martinis. Prices are perfect and you will be pleasantly surprised. You must try Brewsters.

I have received nothing for this post. I just wanted to share the love. And if you have kids, ask your server to let you know what they have on their "kids menu." For some reason, they don't have it printed out. Totally kid friendly but for some reason, they are missing the paper version.

The Universe is Still Speaking to Me

OK. This past weekend, I wrote about feeling good about who I am. I have received a lot of feedback from my readers. I like to write and it shocks me that anyone likes to read my posts. So thank you to everyone that reached out through Facebook and email to let me know how much they enjoyed reading my post.

I was watching the news last night. I love Diane Sawyer almost as much as Oprah. She had on a great news clip from Sesame Street. You must see it. Click here to see a new character they just added. I apologize for the horrible toilet paper commercial you have to sit through to see the clip. The commercial is really awful and I might write about that another day. That is the best they can do for moms? And the moms are so frumpy. You'll see.

And here is the Sesame Street song without the news report. I loved the story that went with it. So, I think both clips are worth seeing.

The universe is still speaking to us. I am enough. You are enough. We are enough. Exactly how we are. Right now. We are enough.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Getting Closer

"She is so weird." I heard a dear friend say about me in college. At the time, it broke my heart. I was crushed. Back then, I didn't realize we are all weird. Only as I have grown up do I realize that we are all weird in some way or another. My friend T says we all have our "thing." For some it may be a lifelong fight with body image, a medical condition, family relations or a strong dislike of veggies. We all have our thing. She is so right.

Tonight I was reading "The Mixed-Up Chamelon" by Eric Carle chosen by Kyle. And Ryan picked out "A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon. Both books deal with self-image and being true to yourself. For those of you without children, imagine "Closer to Fine" by the Indigo Girls in child book format. I thought it was strange that both children picked out books with the same message and on the same night. Then I started to get paranoid and wondered what message the universe was sending me tonight.
I am 38 and I am still working on being closer to fine. It is a constant struggle to ignore the self doubt, the negative messages that I say to myself and be who I am. Doesn't it sometimes seem like the rest of the world doesn't feel the same way? Does Heidi Klum wake up and feel ugly sometimes? Does Hillary Clinton ever forget the essential grocery item to complete a recipe? Does Oprah ever feel unfulfilled in her life? I am sure all have our insecurities and struggle. It just doesn't feel that way sometimes.

So you know, tonight, I am throwing my "things" out into the universe. I struggle with the following in no particular order: old acne scars, a tummy that is never flat enough, I don't eat healthy enough, I should go to church more, I am bad about calling friends, I spend too much time on the internet, my junk drawers in my kitchen are a mess, my kids toys are a real mess, their rooms are too, my room is a mess too right now, I can't get clothes put away after I wash my laundry, I miss some old friends, I wish I had more money, I sometimes want to work, I like when the kids get on the bus and I am home with just the baby, I drink too much tea, I eat too much sugar, I wish I could go to Las Vegas every other month, I love dancing at clubs, I drink too much when out dancing, I laugh too loud, I watch too much TV, I love crappy Real Housewives crummy TV, I don't like books that Oprah recommends, I listen to almost everything Oprah says, I am critical of people, I wonder about God and the starving people in the world, I wish I was a better person that volunteered with the poor, I color my hair too often, I can't stand clutter, I have a tooth that needs bleached and it drives me crazy, I dress like an old lady sometimes...

See how crazy this all is? It is the negative self-talk that I could come up with in only three minutes. Nuts. It is and I know we all do it. So, yes, I am weird dear friends. We all are. And I am OK with it. I am getting there. Slowly. And that is OK with me.

I'm Not Talking About It, I'm Just Saying...