Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Very Simple

I love the magazine Real Simple. I just sat down for lunch and read an article where readers chime in on various topics. This month's topic was "What is your FAVORITE pantry staple." You wouldn't believe the answers. Here are some that made me think "Really?"

Saffron strands
Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta
Pine nuts
Hoisin sauce
Blue-cheese stuffed olives
Casina Rossa truffle and salt

Where are the real people? What about paprika? That is an answer I would expect. Sugar. Salt. Oregano. Thyme. Ketchup if you have kids.

As I continued to eat my egg, I wondered how do people get to this level of sophistication? I am lucky to get my egg made and eat it before the baby wakes up. Who are these people? Where do they live? Do they have jobs? And do they have chefs, nannies and a life?

I have staples. They are tea, milk, English muffins, ketchup, Kraft mac and cheese for the kids, fresh basil, salt, pepper, eggs and wine. I get fancy now and then but mostly, I am lucky to serve my family a hot meal on most nights.

So real people of the world, what are your pantry staples? Make me feel better. And don't you dare say Carina Rossa truffle and salt.

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