Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Do We Wear Bathing Suits?

I am always a little shy about my body the first day of spring when I wear shorts or the first trip to the pool. I get over it but I go through a little shock slipping on the bathing suit and taking a look in the mirror. Today we visited the pool. It was extremely crowded when we got there. I looked around. I recognized some people. There were a lot of people I didn't know. I saw a lot of skinny moms in bikinis. Of course I thought evil thoughts.

So, as I attempt to not be noticed in my post-pregnancy body in my fat sucking one piece suit, I sit down and help the kids with their shirts. We arrived at the pool break so it was pretty quiet and people were just waiting to go in. I kept saying to myself "Just blend in. Just blend in, Just blend...." and over the intercom I heard "Will Indy Notmyrealname please report to the guard tower?" Oh man. No. I can't do this. I now have the whole pool looking at me and I have to walk over to the life guard station in my bathing suit to claim my drivers license from the front desk. I wanted to die. DIE!

The kids want to go to the pool again tomorrow. I can handle the second day at the pool in my swimsuit. Just not the first. And thank goodness, they do not need my drivers license tomorrow.

(A little afterthought-no I didn't even think to wear a cover-up or grab a towel. Too mortified to process any thoughts.)


OHmommy said...

You should see the moms at my pool. They rock those bikinis and I rock my cover-up.

Poltzie said...

Yeah, I'm not looking forward to shoving my muffin top into a beathing suit this summer, luckily Chicken is really too little to swim :)

Jessica said...

With 2 little kiddos it usually takes my hubby and I for a pool outing. Which sometimes allows me to FORGO the bathing suit to sit on the side with our 8 mos old :)

Stephanie said...

...Which is why I don't wear one! I haven't worn a one piece or a bikini in over 7 years! I don't want anyone thinking how awful I look, or those ugly fat dudes who have a think for fat women with big boobs ogling me. ;oD

Jennifer said...

if that pic is of you... well then I think you have NOTHING to worry about. seriously.

on another note... I have NOT worn a bathing suit... bikini or other in 7 years... and my son will only be 5 in Sept. I should have and could have rocked some seriously sexy pieces but have always been self concious of my body... even when I was 105 at 5'4"... duh!!

I saw shake what your momma gave you and let everyone else drool!! :)

at least I'm trying this with myself. I'm really working on better self image!! :) that and some excersize and diet! lol

thanks for visiting my blog... is it okay if I add you to my blog roll??


Lisa said...

hate the swim suit. tonight a friend and I went for ice cream (yeah...maybe why I hate swim suits) and we saw these two super skinny, cute bodied high school girls get out of their cute convertable with their bikinis under their shorts/tank tops. My friend & I wanted to warn them what 15 years, 2 kids & a minivan will do to their body!

Rhea said...

I am amazed at what some moms wear to family pools...and then the rest of us just try not to look at them. I'm all about cover-ups. For sure.

Clare said...

This is such a cute story! I would of been dying when they called out my name!!

I can totally relate. My pool is like a water park that is affiliated with my gym. So, I see all of the moms at the pool that are always at the gym working out so hard. They are super skinny with the little bikinis on. We can dream right??

Thanks for visiting my site! XO, Clare

Anonymous said...

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