Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hey There

Wow. It has been awhile. I go back and forth about this blog. I am not sure why I write and I am definitely not sure why you read it. I am a pretty open book if you know me so I don't think come here to find out anything you wouldn't find out if you saw me around. But, I am glad you visit now and then. I love writing and I love blogging. I just wish I had my life more in control so I could write more often. When I say I am barely hanging on, I mean it. Really.

In the past few months, I have written (and complained) that I can't keep up around the house. But guess what? I won a house cleaning at my early childhood PTA fundraiser. Isn't that perfect. Now, I have to work hard and get my house clean so I can have someone come in and clean my house for me. I know this sounds ridiculous. I don't want these ladies to waste time at my house. They are doing the baseboards, floors and showers. Not just a little light dusting and picking up my kids clothes.

My weight loss efforts are going GREAT! I have officially hit 30 lbs at Weight Watchers and before I joined I lost about 5 so I am 35 lbs thinner since October. I promise to post a picture soon. It is starting to show. If you know me in real life, I just look like I did before I got pregnant with Elle so it isn't so startling. I need to lose another 20 lbs to have a healthy BMI. That is my goal. I have reached my main goal. I have learned to eat healthy. I am eating vegetables and I am making healthy food. I could have lost this weight on my own like I did after I had Kyle but I wanted to learn how to cook healthy and eat those darn veggies.

I have so much to share. I promise to come back sooner. I am planning a friend's 40th birthday party and that is so much fun. I am heading to Vegas next week with my sisters and old neighborhood friends! FUN!!!! And we're staying at the Wynn! Amazing. So much to share. Come back soon. I promise I will too!


Mira said...

I often feel the same way about my blog. If nothing else, it's the ONLY place in my life, real or in the interwebz that is JUST MINE. And that makes it important :) Congratulations on your weight loss! So much to be proud of.
I'll be back :)

Stephanie said...

Missed you girl!!
I know life is busy, but we love to hear from you when you get time!
Congrats on the weight lose..thats fantastic girl!!! WW is the best, I just need to start doing it again! lol
Hope to hear from you again soon!!

Unknown said...

Welcome back - I'm so happy to see you around. :) I know how you feel though...I've been a little MIA lately too.

Sounds like you have a lot planned but hopefully you'll find some time to share the highlights with us...hope you have a wonderful time!

Flea said...

Well geez! Promises! Come back and tell us more! With photos!

It's good to see you out here in the blogosphere. Don't stress (I know, right?). Just enjoy raising the kids!

amyjr said...

You look amazing and I am jealous at the great work you are doing.
Isn't it funny how we clean our house for the people who clean our house.Well I clean my house since I have noone or the funds to do it but I would love to have won that treat (and the landscaping one LOL) but I am happy it went to you.
Have FUN in Vegas and win lots of cash and get a great massage

Kat said...

Glad to have you back! Great job on the weight loss. I'm working on that right now myself. It is TOUGH!

Hope to see you back here again soon! :)

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