Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Bad TV Did Some Good

I turn 40 this year. Gulp. I am not really upset by it. More excited about the party I will throw to celebrate hitting a big one. I had a friend pass away a couple of years ago from cancer at a young age, so birthdays do not bother me anymore. Each one is a gift. The wrinkles on another hand...I could live without them.

I watch a lot of crummy TV. The kind most people don't fess up to in public. In my defense, usually I am on the treadmill watching it closed caption while blaring the Black Eyed Peas. So, as long as I am working out, I think it cancels out the negative effects to my brain. As I watched the Housewives of Orange County on Sunday night, I realized that the Housewives have saved me tons of money. I know without a doubt, I will not be getting any Botox, lip injections or a face-lift. These women go to the best of the best. And they look HORRIBLE! They are trying to look younger but they look like freaks.

Here is Tamara from Orange County getting Botox.

If you know me, you are probably thinking that I am not the type to get any work done. I am pretty sure that I never would have wanted a face-lift in my future. But, I might have been talked into Botox in the next decade. But, now I am cured! I see how it turns out and I think I will stick with my lines. They show how happy I have been and all of the laughing I do. And that is fine with me.

So thank you Housewives of Whatever County. Continue to get your plastic surgeries. Would you also start showing a downside to fabulous make-up, hair and shoes? Thank you.

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Flea said...

Good for you! No face-lifts or Botox! Chocolate between treadmill stints. That's what you need. :)

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