Thursday, July 10, 2008

Golden Reminder

We were sorting our piggy banks last week. The kids were putting their money towards some Legos and a mega slip and slide. As we sorted the money, we came across some coins from when I studied abroad in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The kids loved the different shapes and sizes of the money. I showed them the British Pound coin. When I lived there, I loved that coin. Probably because I was such a poor college student and I was hoping to score a pint with it! I also loved it because it is very thick, has cool writing on the outside of the rim and I love the color. It looks like a thick Chuck E. Cheese token. At least that's what my kids thought.

It has been a rough few weeks here in Indyworld. My youngest, Kyle who is 4, has been tough. Really tough. The tough times that you usually have when they are 2. We have tantrums and fits many times a day. Sometimes he is so tough that I am the one that ends up crying.

Yesterday, I begged my husband to put the kids to bed. After a day of three major tantrums in front of my parents, I didn't have the energy to finish the day. I asked my husband what we were doing wrong. Why was it so tough? Will it ever change? What will school be like if he doesn't listen and know right from wrong? Will we have enough money to send him away to boarding school?

Hubby put the kids to bed. They got up. Hubby tried again. They got up. I got crazy mad and then tried to put the kids to bed. They still got up. So after my last attempt, my husband tried again. By this point we were both angry and the blood pressure was boiling. My husband tried again.
When he came down, he brought a gold coin from Kyle. He said he wanted mom to have it because it was her favorite coin. I took it as a sign. He isn't all bad. He remembered his mamma's favorite coin and wanted to share it with me. He is a good boy and this is just a stage. We can make it through this and it will be OK. I swear I am going to keep that special coin somewhere in my kitchen so I can remember throughout the day that this stage will pass. I know it will. I know it will. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. I know this will pass.


atypeamommy said...

It will pass. I put our kids to bed last night. Hubby went to Home Depot (I had been out with the girls the night before, so had no leverage). When he came home an hour past their bedtime, he was shocked that they were actually in bed. It has been bad here too. I think the 10 days of camping helped. Actually, if you want a camper, you can have mine =).

Jessica said...

Oh boy! I have had my hands full with my 2.5 year old. Time Out doesn't really work. I don't want to send him to his room b/c I don't want negative feelings about his room/bedtime etc. Where do we send them? Boarding School at 2.5 is probably a little early, no? AH! I feel your struggle.

Anonymous said...

Man, do I feel your pain. Our youngest absolutely 100% refuses to fall asleep in her own bed. It must be in ours with one of us next to her. After she falls asleep, we put her in her own bed. That's all fine and dandy until she wakes up and realizes where she is and then comes back into our room. Then there is no room for me in our bed and I go into hers. Eventually, she finds me there and crawls in. This has been going on for several months now. It's a vicious cycle-one which I cannot stop. I sleep in more beds in a night than Goldilocks ever dreamed of. My husband and I refuse to lock the door, but we don't know what to do to stop this. I'm so dang tired, I don't have the energy to take her back to her bed and then go back to mine. HELP! Any suggestions from anyone?

Stephanie said...

I feel your pain girl! My 5 yr old went through that not too long ago! It is just a phase and it will pass!!!! (that is pretty cute that he gave you the coin!!)

OHmommy said...

It's just a stage. It's just a stage.

Say it with me.


Krystyn said...

Here's to hoping it gets better. My daughter likes to yell/scream in public...nothing to express her dissatisfaction, just a loud, obnoxious noise!

And, they love us no matter what! Unconditional love is AMAZING!

Someone Being Me said...

Ugh I am so sorry. Hopefully they will snap out of it soon. I studied abroad 7 years ago and I still find rubles all the time.

Jennifer said...

oh honey. sorry it has been a rough few days for you. :( it hasn't been that great here either. I have a 4 1/2 yr old boy, Trevor, and two 2 1/2 yr old girls, Lauren and Brooke, and let me tell ya!! Wow!! that is all I can say. My son is almost "worse" than the girls with behavior... more fits, more being fresh, more acting angry and acting out... more meltdowns... it is hard to understand. I think what makes it worse for me, is that I expected this stage to be OVER with already with him... but that isn't too fair to him... so I have been trying to recondition my mind to understand that he is still ONLY four and he is still LITTLE and he still has the right to act his age. :) I also think sometimes I feel like he should act more "grown up" than his actual age b/c of having the girls too. But then again this isn't fair to him either. And another thing is that he is big for his age.. is about 47 inches... and he weighs 52 lbs... big for a 4 yr old, so I think not that I ever forget how old he really is that everyone else around us does and expects better behavior, or different behavior from him and in turn I do also.

anyway, I'm rambling on and on... sorry... but my point was that I'm sure your son is a little sweety, just have a bad day or two... it will pass and it will get better... pinky promise!! :)

lots of HUGS!!!!!!!!! for you and your son!!


Stephanie said...

It will! My 16 month old son has just recently started his version of this. It's a difficult thing, but you still have to deal with it even though it's hard. Thank goodness Hubby is officially NEUTERED TODAY! WOOHOO!!!!! ;oD HA!

Rhea said...

Hang in there! That's so sweet he remembered your favorite coin.

Just be consistent, that's my best advice. Don't give up! Some days are just hell. Others are better.

I love foreign coins, btw. Love em!

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