Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tootsie Talk

There is a put-together woman that I see every week at swim lessons. She has a style about her. Her hair is long and very dark. Her skin is pale. Her eye make-up dark but her lips neutral. She wears a lot of black and silver jewelry. Her style is not my style but I appreciate the look she is creating. As she walked by me this week, I noticed that she had a great pedicure with white toe nail polish. Bright white. It works for her. She looks great.

Now, this is something I could never pull off. With my skin tone, bright white would look pretty nasty on me. I go for bright red toenails most of the time. Sometimes I get a little crazy and wear hot pink or light pink. But, I usually go back to red.

I have been trying to remember when I first started wearing polish on my nails. When I was in high school, I used to create my own polish by adding glitter (red and blue for our school colors) to my clear nail polish. I'd wear this on my hands and my toes. Yes, it was thick but boy I thought it looked cool. I don't think there has been a day since high school when polish wasn't on my toes. Hard to believe.

What color do you wear most of the time? Is there is color that you wear when you try to be more adventurous? Are you a natural girl without any polish? Are you lucky enough to have it done professionally or do you do it at home?


Stephanie said...

HA! My pregnant self is still actually doing it at home although I'm debating a professional one before next week. I currently have a frosty coral type color on but I'm with you, I usually go for pinks or reds. Nothing dramatic cause I'm so pale I glow in the dark, but it usually makes me happy. ;oD

Krystyn said...

Most of the time, post-toddler, it's all natural, but I love a good pedicure. Most of the time it would be pink!

Poltzie said...

I'm lazy about polish but I like to have my toes done at all times. I usually go with pink colors but a few years ago I got bold and tried red. The hubby loved it and that is all he wants me to wear now.

Genny said...

Right now I have a pale pink on my toes. But I like change, and I change the color all the time. Smiles!

Rhea said...

I usually spend most of the summer with nail polish and then by winter go natural for a while. I usually go red or coral...but when I'm feeling fun, I go electric blue or a soft purple. polish on the nails is almost never because I would chip it immediately.

Jennifer said...

I have only had two pedicures in my entire 29 yrs of life.. but boy were they nice! i had one the day before my wedding as a treat from my mom and dad... pedicure and manicure... both were so lovely... and one this past birthday as a gift from my two girlfriends. :) so nice.

i usually go with a darker color when i'm doing it at home myself... like red or a brownish red, or dark pink or maroon, not always something that is most flattering, but just something so they are done. lol

but when I got those two pedi's I got french pedicure, and I LOVE it... and I also got a little design on my big toe... like a little flower and swirl... it looks so great.

I really need to go get them re-done or do it myself... they are past looking pathetic... but I just don't want to loose the french look. lol

i like the red on you... but you should try the white, or maybe a really really pale pink... you never know it might look GREAT on you too!! :)


Maternal Mirth said...

At the moment, my feet resemble bear claws. I need a pedi soooo bad ... if I keep wearing sandles maybe someone will take pity on me.

But to answer your question, neutrals mostly. Maybe a dark maroon on special occasions

Pand0ra Wilde said...

I almost never do my nails--my boyfriend's asthma goes off at the slightest whiff of acetone.

The problem is, I'll be doing a costumed roleplay at a convention where the character paints fingers and toes. I might have to fork out for the job to be done away from the house so I can spare him an asthma outbreak.

Pand0ra Wilde said...

Oh--and I found you at cre8buzz :)

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