Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Little Extra Exercise

Let's pretend I weigh 120. Just for fun. Since it's my story, I'll just say I'm 120. I can't ever remember weighing 120 but I must have at some point. I don't think I went from 7 pounds 11 ounces to my current weight. OK, back to 120.

A week ago, I wrote about looking a little pudgy in my vacation photos. So, I have been cutting back on Coke, sweets and treats. My weight has been coming down. Here is a typical morning at my house.

Get up. Stumble to the bathroom. Pee. Step on scale. Weight 120.6.

Go downstairs. Get kids some food. Try to talk myself into working out.
Do more stuff for the kids. Take my medicine. Pee. Go back upstairs and weigh myself. 120.4.

Work out, drink water. Pee. Go back upstairs and weigh myself for fun even though I worked out and drank water. 120.8

I am a pretty smart woman. I know that there can be no real weight loss in 15 minutes. But even though I know better I can't stop weighing myself. It is shocking to me that I really want to see a lower number. I am dying to see 119 on that scale. So silly. It is only a pound. Every morning, I go up and down the stairs in attempt to see the lower number.

So can I count all of this stair climbing and stepping on the scale as exercise?


Krystyn said...

Yes, the stairs count! And, don't lose your drive. It's important that you are working. Keep it up, you're doing great.

Stephanie said...

Darn right that counts!! Every last step! ;)
Keep up the good work!
I would love to see "119 lbs" too!!

Stephanie said...

Yes, stay motivated! I loved seeing the weight come off after I started weight watchers. Have you considered that? I NEVER lost weight with anything else and voila! 7 lbs in three weeks with it. Good luck!

OHmommy said...

LOL. I pee first thing in the morning and then weigh myself too. everyday.

a bad way to start the day. i know.

Monica said...

The stairs absolutely count. I went through a stage (long and crazy) of weighing myself ALL the time. I finally had to stop. I got rid of the scale only going by how my clothes look and feel. Its been great.

C and C Mommy said... I was reading, I felt like you were writing about me. I weigh myself all day long. I know it is bad because when I go back to work in the FALL or leave my scale behind for a trip, I tend to lose a few pounds...something about not being focused on the scale, eating when you are hungry, and getting excercise all works together!! Stay motivated...I have been trying to lose the same 4lbs. for the entire summer...I just really LOVE to eat!!

R.L.Scovens said...

ok, you're gonna have to stop weighing yourself!!lol Think of how exciting it would be to weigh yourself once a week? You're gonna drive yourself mad!lol

Someone Being Me said...

Stairs totally count. Hell, I count going to the mailbox as exercise and lifting Bear into his highchair. Although I'm not losing any weight.

Poltzie said...

Yes, stairs count and if you eat something really fast then it doesn't count either!

Anonymous said...

You're HYSTERICAL!!! I, too, pee first thing and then weigh myself. It must be a "girl thing."

Clare said...

you are so funny. please let me know if this works, but I definitely think going back and forth on the stairs counts!!! Clare

Genny said...

Hang in there. I don't weigh myself, except for maybe once every two or three weeks. Works for me.

How is your friend, by the way?

Jennifer said...

OH most definitely the stairs count as a workout!! :) And so does all the things you do for the kids!! :)

I am the same way!! I weigh myself entirely too often, but I want to see a result some where!! ~ I may go weigh myself right after this just b/c we are talking about it and it will be on my mind now. lol

I wish I could see 120 or 119... but that is pretty far away for me for now. I'm trying to convince my husband to get me an eliptical machine. We'll see. :)

And really... I think you look great... just sayin'!!


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