Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We've been a funk here in Indyworld. A real funk. My husband and I talk about it each night. We both know we are in one and we can't crawl out. Before I go any further, let's talk about how normal this funk is and that it's OK. Our friend Julie is slowly passing away. That would be enough to put anyone into a funk. The economy stinks and there is pressure to cut costs from our budget. It is tighter than ever. Funk! And election coverage doesn't help. Let's get this election over with now. Let's get it over before we get any funkier over here.

While I write this, my husband has decided he can be in a funk no longer. He is working out downstairs on our treadmill. I am taking a different approach. I am watching High School Musical on Disney and eating Reese Cups. My husband asked if I was working out with him. I told him I am going to remain in this funk for a little longer. I need to. I will come back up soon, but for now, I will watch bad TV, visit Facebook 1,000 times a day and do absolutely nothing. I need this now. I am recharging. I am tired of doing. I want the funk.


OHmommy said...

I am dipping my pretzels in ranch dressing while on facebook and in the distance I can hear CNN on.

Let's get together and de-funk.

LOL. I ALMOST mis-spelled funk. The c is pretty close to the n.

Flea said...

Bring on the funk, huh?

OHmommy - the C is nowhere close to the N. :)

Indy, you be in your funk as long as you need to. Sounds like you'll know when to come out.

Stephanie said...

You go girl! Reese's cups always has the power to either keep you in a funk or take you's all in how you see it. Reese's is the wonder drug for me...with a tall glass o'milk. Enjoy your funk!!! ;oD

Krystyn said...

Enjoy your funk! Reece's cups sounds really good to me. I have some...but they have been designated Halloween candy, and I just can't do that, can I?

Clare said...

i hear you, i feel like i have been in a funk too! i hope we can all get out of it:) thinking of you watching your bad tv, enjoy the reeses cups!!!

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