Friday, August 20, 2010

Best Restaurant You've Never Heard Of

There is a little secret in Twinsburg. Some big name restaurants in Cleveland get all of the press. I have eaten at them and you know, I think a lot of it is just talk. People like to like to drop names and eat where everyone else is eating. I like to eat where the food is good.

Most people that live in Twinsburg and around it have probably driven past Bongiorno's. It is on Ravenna Road where it intersects Route 82. You've seen the brick building and probably wondered about it. You might have read something about it but have you been in? If not, you are missing one of the best kept secrets in the Cleveland area.

Bongiorno's is a locally owned Italian restaurant. It is super small. If it was downtown, we'd call it quaint to make it seem more chic. You can see the whole place from the front door and there is small bar. What it lacks in ambiance, it makes up for one of my favorite meals. My husband and I order the same thing each time we go. I order the chicken Milanese and he orders the veal Milanese. I have tried to order something else but I just can't make myself do it.

With the meal, you get a salad and bread. The butter is herb flavored and super yummy. They also give you a plate of pasta with the meal. The marinara is not my favorite. I usually take it home and enjoy every last bit of the Milanese. And if you order wine, you get a generous glass that is more than the standard downtown glass of wine.

So go get yourself a babysitter. Make a reservation*. It fills up quickly on the weekends. And surprise your loved one with a trip to Bongiorno's. Save yourself the trip downtown to Cleveland. And with the extra time, you can squeeze in a movie in Macedonia.



Emily said...

When we lived in Little Italy I had a favorite dish at one restaurant and could never bring myself to order anything else. Will have to try your dish. Just need to find a sitter!

amyjr said...

I have seen it but haven't been able to convince the hubby to try it on date night. Maybe next time. Sounds wonderful and we are always looking for something new. Thanks for the recommendation:-D

Jen C said...

Their Alfredo is amazing as well... ahh yes, Maybe I need to do take out this week YUM! (we have taken the kids there before, wasn't pretty.)Want to try your dish. Love the picture looks so nice! I think they have a ladies special during the week, maybe do a gno :)

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