Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dogs, Babies & Marriage

"Mom, can Gracie (our dog) get married so she can have babies?"

"How does the egg know when to start growing?"

"How do you know when you are pregnant"

Only a year ago, I got away with all of the questions with a simple "God gave us the baby." That doesn't work anymore. Ryan, age 6 1/2, wants more information. I heard that you should only answer the minimum when children ask about sex. This has saved me countless times. I keep it really simple but honest. A lot of times, I throw the question back at Ryan. "What do you think, Ry?"

A dear friend has lent me some books to help discuss the birds and the bees with Ryan and Kyle. I spent some time looking at them tonight. Two were cute. One had drawings and made me feel a little funny. Can you say ISSUES?

I don't mind having the conversation with Ryan. I know it is going to happen. As I get bigger and bigger, he is thinking more about the baby. He has questions and I better have some answers.

There is one question I am not looking forward to answering. "How does the sperm reach the egg." When that one is asked, I hope that my husband is nearby. My husband doesn't think Ryan will ask. If Ry doesn't, his little brother Kyle surely will. And soon.

When I was in kindergarten, I watched an after school special about how babies were created. My mom watched with me and then explained it to me. I then went to school and told my entire class. A mother of one of the children called my mom to complain. I knew all of the proper names for the body parts and the mother was not pleased with her daughter finding out so young. Parents may have conversations with children but we all know that so much is taught by others at school and on the bus. So, I better be ready so that Ryan is ready. If I learned about the birds and the bees in 1977 when I was in kindergarten, I am sure that Ryan will learn so much more in a few short years. I better be ready, are you?


Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

I wish you luck if/when he asks. I'm so scared about those conversations!

Jessica said...

I can't blame you for wanting to avoid those questions! I would have NO idea what to say. I would probably stick with the whole "God gave us the baby, that's why" for eternity.

Anonymous said...

Hey Indy - we have some resources that might be helpful at the church.

Unknown said...

No, no and no...I am not ready or anywhere near ready although, I agree with you that the kids are going to ask (my oldest is 7 and has already asked a few questions.)

I think it is better to answer them than let them believe what they're told on the bus...


Anonymous said...

Yes - just went through this when my SIL had a baby. It was an easy reply for me to say they took you out of my belly, but when he asked how come Aunt A doesn't have a cut in the belly we had to go to Borders. I took them there, they looked around the kid section while I went to the special bookshelf. I found him one I thought appropriate at about his level, and we read it there. He wanted to buy it. I didn't buy it - but he understood at that point just enough. I'm sure if we go back he will want me to read it to him again Good Luck. Next you have the nursing to explain.

MIT Mommy said...

We went through this when I was pregnant with George, but Andrew was younger than Ry is now. We haven't had to go to the sperm and egg discussion exactly, but I'm sure it will happen soon. He certainly knows most of the other details - WAY more than I did, but I was the baby.

Stephanie said...

how does the sperm reach the egg? It swims.

How does it get in there? Daddy puts it there! (minimum answers, remember?) LOL!

My husband demanded to know when he was 7 about all of this. His parents couldn't put it off any longer. Finally they explained it to him and they said he was a little pale afterward. He had 3 sisters and he very quietly asked his parents, "You had to do that FOUR times?"

Anonymous said...

I learned about sex when I was in second grade (much later than you *smirk*). But ever since, that's all our barbies ever did; and we only had one Ken - lucky dog!

I wish you luck. My girl is only four but very inquisitive! I plan to be honest but I'm certainly not ready to educate her entire class!

I love Stephanie's answers! I have to remember those.

Great post, btw.


Flea said...

LOL! I so don't envy you. :) That was an ... um ... interesting time with all three kids. Only my daughter was really interested. Overly interested. Ugh.

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