Monday, February 2, 2009

True Confessions of a 15 Week Pregnant Lady

Red= True confessions
Blue=Inner voice arguing with true confessions

I should be exercising and watching what I eat.
Nah, you'll be as big as a house in the end anyway. It doesn't matter.

Wow. I am getting pretty big.
You got big before and then lost even more weight than when you started. You'll do it again.

I hate that I get so wide. I wish I was a cute pregnant person.
That's how you are. You can't change that.

I hate to even weigh in at the doctor's office. I am afraid she will yell.
She has never yelled in the past. You'll be fine.

I have had three pregnancies before. Why do I care so much this time?
You haven't been this pregnant in a long time. You were too tired to care the last time.

It is so hard to let go of control of my body.
You are creating a baby. It is amazing. Let go.

This is me at about 38 weeks during my last full-term pregnancy in March of 2004


Stephanie said...

You ARE cute! Congrats, I can't wait to follow your journey with this pregnancy!

MIT Mommy said...

Stephanie took the words right out of my mouth. You are SO cute Indy. Very few people feel very cute at 15 weeks. Trust me, you are beautiful. This is the time when you are beautiful no matter what . . . like being a bride, but better.

Stephanie said...

You are too funny! I had those struggles too!
You look great pregnant, and I'm sure you will look just as great this time!!

Jessica said...

I think you ARE cute pregnant!! I'm glad you've talked about your pregnancy some now, I've been waiting to hear something new about the baby!!

Jennifer said...

OMG!! you were so cute and you AND you were TINY!!

if you are carrying like you did before, you will be fine. we always think are bigger than we really are.

CONGRATS on your AWESOME news!! sorry i haven't been around much.

i can't wait to see new pics of you pregnant and read all about how you are feeling!!

xoxoxo hugs!!

Clare said...

OK, you are the cutest pregnant person! I hope you are feeling well, and I will be thinking about you! love, Clare

Anonymous said...

Oh how fun to read the comments. I gained 40lbs with each child.. I never thought I would care, but I did the whole time.
Everyone loves a pregnant person and you GLOW!

Anonymous said...

All right, girlfriend. First of all, when I first saw this photo, I thought it was you now. Saying that, I was shocked at how you didn't even look prego at last nights meeting. I thought you were covering it up with your sweater and then when you got home - BAM! you took this photo. Goes to show you that one needs to read every last line before jumping to conclusions. You look amazing at 15 weeks! You'll look amazing at 25 weeks and even more amazing at 40 weeks. You're a beautiful person both inside and out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and on another note, you at 38 weeks was how I looked at 20 weeks, no exaggeration! I wish I looked that good at 38 weeks! :o)

Kat said...

Did I even know you were pregnant? Holy crap! Where have I been? Am I loosing it? Do I have preggo brain?



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