Sunday, April 13, 2008

Age Is Just a Number

A couple of days ago, I was worried about my sister-in-law's bachelorette party. I thought I would be the oldest in the group, ready to go to bed by 10. Unable to keep up with the twenty-somethings. I could not have been more wrong about the night.

We had 17 women with us! What a group. Katie was a perfect bachelorette. She was up for everything the bridesmaids threw at her. She wore an adorable t-shirt, the usual tiara with a veil, a sash and beads for unsuspecting men.

What was so different about the night was that four of the mothers had dinner with us and joined us for drinks at our first bar. It was so fun! They even helped decorate the hotel room. They helped with the drinks, goodies and naughty chocolates. They gave Katie gag gifts and were so helpful with the whole party.

For a whole week, I worried about what to wear, how I would fit in and if I would feel old. I was so worried about myself that I missed the true spirit of Katie's day. The bachelorette party isn't about the funny gag gifts that your friends make you wear. It isn't about the drinks. It is about friendship and love. Katie's friends love her so much that they all worked to make it a special day. Each person had creative touches that made the day so special.

At dinner, I looked down at Katie sitting at the head of the table. She looked so happy. Her mom was laughing, wearing something silly that I can't write about here and everyone was laughing. Everyone was in the moment and enjoying themselves. I couldn't help but think how lucky she is to have such great girlfriends. What a night!

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