Thursday, April 10, 2008

When Did I Get Old?

I was involved in a research study for about two years. Every time I visited, the nurse would say that my blood pressure was elevated. I usually just blame it on "white coat syndrome" and ignore the nurse. But during my last three visits, she didn't let me ignore her. She told me that I had to visit a doctor about my high blood pressure.

Last week, I visited my regular doctor. She is great. She is my age. She has young children. She said that I am fat. Well, not in those exact words. But, I got the message. I must lose ten pounds. I must lose four before I see her again in four weeks. There was no wiggle room.

Her suggestions: She said I must work out. I do that. She said at least five times a week. Yikes. I probably average three or four. OK, I will do it every day. No excuses.

No white pasta, sugar or bread. OK, that is a toughie. I stopped regular sugar and stopped drinking Coke. I switched to wheat bread last year but the pasta is killing me. I have avoided pasta for dinner because I just can't get used to the taste or texture. I hear you Dr. I will cut this all out to lose the weight.

I am to avoid salt. Tough! Caffeine. Even tougher! More veggies. The hardest!

So, I am on week two of my new life. I watch my older relatives and I want to grow old healthy. I will do my best to avoid medicine if I can. I am too young for blood pressure medicine. My body sent me a sign and I got the message loud and clear.

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