Thursday, April 10, 2008

Old Girl Going Wild

This Saturday, this old girl is getting a little wild. My sister-in-law is having her bachelorette party. We are having her bridal shower during the morning and then in the afternoon, meeting up at a hotel to pre-party, open racy gifts and dress to impress. When I was in my twenties, this would be a no brainer. I would be pumped. But now, I am 36, have two kids and a little out of practice. I am normally in bed by 11. I can drink only 2, maybe three glasses of wine. When I opened the invite and saw "pre-party" I started to panic. I will be gone before the dinner. If there are shots, I am in even bigger trouble.

I also am in trouble because I will be the oldest one out with a huge group of skinny 20 year-olds. I am hoping that maybe I will blend into the group and won't be noticeable. I already found a cool top to wear from White House, Black Market. I paid too much for it but I read somewhere that when you are older, you have to pay more for your clothes because the clothes have to do so much more for your body. I get that. I tried on countless tops at the Limited, the Gap and every other store in the mall. But, the most expensive one helped to give me curves in the right places and hide the fat I can't exercise away. So, with this top, cool jeans and an even cooler necklace, I am ready to go. I can't be anyone other than myself but with my new outfit, a few glasses of wine I am ready to help my sister-in-law celebrate the next phase of her life. Cheers!

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OHmommy said...

THAT is exactly why I spend more $ on my clothes. I should get a job, I am beginning to feel a bit fumpy.

Have fun!

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